take me there.

sweater. hong kong. jeans. levis. boots. zoom. blazer. mossimo
big cashmere sweater. Thanks to the bf.

I've turned into a very unproductive girl upon digesting the stimulating images taking forth on the runways. They scary thing is---this is ONLY the beginning... London... Milan then da-da-da Paris. I can only the imagine the sensory overload for the editors...buyers...fashionistas, jet-setting their gorgeous Chanel's and Prada's across the globe. AH something to dream about.


♥ Marta ♥ said...

Hey you,
You look stunning as always and that sweater is amazing, lucky you :)

I am so with you on the fashion show's stuff, I don't even have the time to watch them :(

Maria said...

So simple.. but yet, perfect!

Susanna-Cole said...

Girl, you totally rock menswear! And I'm starting to think perhaps I should find some guy with a great wardrobe and try dating him if only to have full access to his closet haha. Kidding! Wouldn't do date some poor guy only to raid his closet... tempting though, very tempting! :D

And I find keeping up with fashion week which turns into like fashion month, oh so very hard, as well. :(


cupcakes and cashmere said...

fabulous outfit! in fact, i tried to 'borrow' one of my boyfriend's plaid button-downs yesterday, only to get caught and was then told i looked like i was swimming in it. this fits you just right in a perfectly loose sort of way!

Fashionistadiary said...

you look fabulous! i still havent found the perfect baggy jeans! i seem to be stuck in skinny mode arghh xo

♥ fashion chalet said...

Love the umbrella photo. You are so pretty. Great style, too. Love! <3

PS: Thank you for EVERYTHING you said !!! xxxx

Maeva said...

Love the sweat. Same passion for big sweater from the bfs.. :)

Jane said...

Lovely photo!


Couture Carrie said...

Love the cuffed jean - you look fabulous!


MR style said...

it looks so great and nice

LEESH said...

i cant see your pictures for some reason :(

Ida said...

The first image MUST be in a magazine. It is absolutely inspiring, and the outfit is the ultimate effortless chicness. I just love how you wear the cuffed jeans and the fabulous booties. And you've got just the perfect model eyes, seriously.

Cashmere or not, you should be happy spring and summer are ahead of you, baby:) Fun times


Wendy said...

Black and denim is always amazing.

J'Adore Fashion said...

nice, simply chic! :) still love the boots. i agree with u on the fashion show stuff--wish i had time to check all the great collection :-/


The Stylish Wanderer said...


Richel said...

monochrome does wonders for your bone structure! you're gorgeous!

Inspire the Starling said...

beautiful look...a fan of alexander wang???

thanks for your comment btw - I've linked to you now :) x

ashleigh said...

definately something to dream about!

i'm also copying your rolled up jeans with the booties (my fave ones at that) when i can find a pair that look that cute!

choppyshades said...

i really like this outfit. simple but fashionable!

The Clothes Horse said...

Very cool; I like the long sleeves. Seriously need to get a boyf, apparently one can get a whole free wardrobe with him as well!

Lisa said...

marta: it was definately stolen from my bf ! I know. more time. sensory overload.

maria: thanks girl.

susanna-cole: thanks beautiful. YES I have to admit the bf's closet comes in handy but he is 6'4so most of his stuff is REALLY big...but some things "magically" shrink...; ) just jokes.

cupcakes and cashmere: you are too sweet. Stick it in the dryer:)

fashionistadiary: thanks girl! Keep your eye out in the mens department... they seriously have some of the best fits.

fashion chalet: NO thank you. YOU'RE so wonderful.

maeva + jane + couture carrie + mr style : thanks for the beautiful words.

leesh: oh no! really? that's weird. Everything seems to be good on this side. Are you having problems with your bandwidth?!?!

ida: LOVE! Your words really touched my heart. SERIOUSLY. Thank you. I will never complain about the beach ;)...

wendy: my favs.

j'adore fashion: i am obsessed with these booties! I KNOW I want to digest it ALL but it's not humanely possible, or is it ?

the stylish wanderer: thanks girl.

richel: you're such a sweetie. thank you.

inspire the starling: YES def. a fan. I somehow just feel drawn to his styles... it just works for me! I've linked you too :)

ashleigh: THANKS beautiful. OH I love my "bagsters" !!!

choppyshades: thanks love.

the clothes horse: yes after 6 years he is finally used to things going missing... but only the things that have shrunken over the years :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

I want DVD's, CD's, books, $$ and clothes for my B'day (oh and cake!!) lol... that is my wishlist, for now.. until I think of more.. ;)

Thanks for your comment (yes, a very special dress planned out for the birthday dinner!) I should post it up by next week, sometime. :) :)

I want cake. NOW!! lol... I am hungry for it after talking about it...

PS: I may choose Greek, I hear the waiters are hot and love to flirt with the birthday girls... lol :P

Laurel said...

Oh my god. Those booties. I need those booties. Gorgeously put together my dear, you look so beautiful. I wish I could bust out my heavy sweaters, I really do miss wearing all of my fall clothing.
Soon enough, we'll have snow!

I have been having a hell of a time with FW, I love some of the shows and some - I don't know what to think. Gotta take your time and find all the things you love!

I hope you're having a wonderful day!

MWah.fashion said...

its simple butso gorgeous, i love your pictures!

Fashion Is Poison said...

you wear the bf sweater very well. perfect look!

ryder said...

are you a model? how tall are you? seriously?

Snowshoe said...

love love the simplicity of this! you always look fantastic.

Lisa said...

fashion chalet: ooo you're going to have the most glorious birthday... i am sure you will be spoiled. You deserve it beautiful!!!

laurel: oh i wish i could give you these booties too! Sensory overload, hey? 3 more cities + shoes to go...
You are the sweeeetest.

mwah.fashion: thanks girl.

fashion is poison: thanks love. its honestly SOOOOO soft.

ryder: Love love love YOUR BLOG. oh my. you are WAY too sweet. I am about 5'9...and no, no model here... you are too kind !!!

snowshoe: LOVE your blog. thanks girl.

anhy said...

you always look great!
it's like everything work good on you!
love your blog. love your style. love it! love it!
i've linked you, hope you don't mind (:

Lisa said...

anhy: you are tooo sweet. thank you!

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