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I dream of Paris.

In my dream I was running to all of the most coveted Paris shows... then I woke up and sadly realized it would forever remain there...dancing through my nighttime visions. BUT that will never stop me from dreaming and I will hopefully make it to Paris. one day. soon.

I'm certain we share this mutual love. SO with Fashion Week starting today I am going to be, once again, distracted by the influx of inspirational editors. buyers. models and the clothes. oh lets not even get started on the collections...

So instead of running to the next show (allow me to dream...) I dressed all in black (norm. for the fashion folk) and pretended like I had somewhere important to be, but snapped out of my craziness and went to dinner with the BF.


Julian said...

paris...............I'm in Spain and my mother and my little brother are in PaRIS!! i HATE THEM!! ajajajaj

you look great!!


Eelie said...

lol that was a lovely thought.

You look amazing but weren't you sweating your small body in there? Because it looks so darn gorgeous and sunny and sweltering and the such!

Anyway dreams like that are ze worst but they make you aspire to great heights huh? ;)

Susanna-Cole said...

Dang! That outfit is fierce girl! Were you in Paris, I think they might throw you on the runway looking like that! :) Is that skirt leather or pleather or what? Love the texture! And gosh, as I think it's evident... I just LOOOOVE this outfit! You always inspire me! :D

Hope you had a good dinner with the boyfriend! I love going out to dinner... it's been a while though... man, now I want to go get dressed up and go out to dinner! And it's only breakfast time! haha.


♥ fashion chalet said...

This is so sophisticated. Your dream and the outfit, both so very fun. I want to BE YOU! Lovely, lovely, lovely & oh so cool!

Thanks for your comments, by the way ♥

xo/ fashion chalet

Mila said...

Gorgeous outfit, you look like a true model!

Paris is amazing, unfortunately i haven't been there since i was around 9 years old.

Thanks for your amazing comment, it means a lot!

Sophia said...

Very Parisian, you're right. Sigh. Going to Europe is pretty much my dream, but I'm going to get there someday!!

Your blog is adorable. Want to trade links?

The Daily Masquerade said...

haha... I once dreamt that Ida and I was at Paris fashion week, and when I found out that it had just been a dream I was so dissapointed... You look great in black! love your outfit! <3

Kat said...

a very fine outfit!

magia1980 said...

Very nice. I would only try wuth sandals not with the boots. I am dream about Paris, too. At the moment my housband will go to paris for one week. lucky fellow.

Laurel said...

My little Parisian dreamer, you look absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I love this skirt on you - PERFECTION!

Can you take me vintage shopping, please?! Can we put together vintage packages for each other someday soon!?

I love you bb!

bronwyn said...

Totally amazing....yes, yes, yes, you're rocking that black perfectly!

IRIS and PIETER said...

paris is amazing!
and your leather jacket is soooo gorgeous!

STEFANIE said...

Wow I LOVE the outfit! It looks like something Carine Roitfeld would wear to the shows ^-^ And you really look great in it!

Carolina Lange said...

Such a graet look! Love it!
And I love Paris too!

Caroline said...

so gorgeous! black leather-can't go wrong.

Ashleigh said...

that jacket always makes me drool missie :P

Wendy said...

Can I steal that leather jacket from you? Please!

Stompface said...

that skirt is incredible!!

ashleigh said...

i love love love leather on leather on leather. you look totally "fierce" yes i said that word because that, my love, is the ONLY way to describe this outfit.

absolutely model-esque. and yes i know you hate me saying that but seriously, gorgeous.

i hope dinner was fun :)

The Stylish Wanderer said...

whoa. Lots of leather.

I like your shoes

Lisa said...

*julian*: thanksss! oh no...how unfair is that ?!?!?!

*eelie*: ah yes...dreams...wonderful but oh so dangerous. It was actually super chilly- very decieving (!!!) The wind was crazy.

*s-c*: AHHHHH love--- you're too sweet. seriously girl. More like throw me off the runway (!!!) I think its pleather ! Got to love pleather, hey ?

*fashion chalet*: erika beautiful. THANK you for each and every word. It truly touches my heart!

*mila*: You're too sweeeeeeet. thank you.

*sophia*: thanks lady love. YES WE WILL GET TO PARIS...oneday! Yes for sure- lets link.

*the daily masquerade*: that is too funny!!! ahhh dreams. thanks for the sweetness.

*kat*: thanks love!

*magia1980*: thanks for the suggestion- i totally think you could wear heaps of shoes with this! Black fierce sandals would be great. thanks !

*laurel*: You're my hero :) sooooooo sweet. OH YES YES YES!!! of course. i am e-mailing you now now...

*bronwyn*: thanks love!

*iris and pieter*: I bet its out of this world... i can't wait to go. Thanks for the comment!

*stefanie*:eeeeeek that is so sweet...seriously love. thank you.

*carolina lange*: lucky paris girl! thanks girl.

*caroline*: thanks beautiful!!!

*ashleigh*: he he you're too cute. ps- you can still get it :)

*wendy*: thanks stunning lady!

*stompface*: luv yaaaaaa.thanks lady.

*ashleigh*: loveeeeeee you. YES-you're right that word! You're too funny. thank you times a million.

*the stylish wanderer*: with pleather mixed in:) thanks girl.

Raych said...


Not that it's a huge surprise.

I'd be more more more than happy to exchange links and chat soon!

I just got your link, talk to you later sweetie

lara said...

love your dream .. and your jacket ;)

Maria said...

Oh my... That outfit is perfect.

All I know is that you'd fit right in in Paris!

Fashionistadiary said...

urgh my friend is traveling to paris fashion week and i am so jealous!!! argh! once again you look fabulous lisa! fantastic skirt! xo

Jenny Cindy said...

Love the outfit, the boots look so cool with it.


M* said...

Oh my god! With this amazing outfit I can imagine you sitting near Carine and Emmanuelle Alt at the front row!
Love it! Gorgeous!

Knight Cat said...

you look so beautiful! everything is absolutely perfect! i want to go to paris too, if you end up going take me too please!


♥ Marta ♥ said...

This look is so sophisticated yet perfectly edgy .... I love it, really really love it :)

I am so upset that I don't have the time to check out any of the fashion shows.... :(

Sunniva said...

You really do look very Parisian chic, sweetie. You'd fit right in with the fashion elite who are in Paris right now. You're just so wonderful!


Susanna-Cole said...

Aw, well the feeling is mutual! You render me speechless as well, and I usually have to read your comments like 10 times over, just cause they're so warm and lovely, they just don't get old!

And ah, are you kidding me? I feel like my comments are always inaquete compared to your loveliness (sp? darn... I hate when I can't spell things correctly and am without spell check! :P) And I am so thankful we have met, because you have already enrichened my life so much :)

And OMG!!! You've been skydiving!! I'm DYING to go skydiving, I've always been a daredevil and adreliene junkie! However here, you can't skydive until you're 18 years old, and even though I turned 18 last month, I realized I couldn't afford to go skydiving! Aw, haha. I better save my pennies! :D

Hope you're having a fantastic weekened as well! :)


Jillian said...

mmm... i am loving the leather! stunning!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

P.S. Hello darling, I tagged you ... :P check my blog for details :)

Andy said...

Paris is, for sure, my favorite place to be. and to shop. of course!
hum and yeah i'm lucky, i used to live there and i was born in Paris :)

saray said...

Love the outfit!

Eelie said...

Eep, i always feel it necessary to reply to everyones comments and silly miss Leese here hasn't posted another blog-post so you shall have a double-post here! mua-hahaha.

You always seem so excited and happy. Its marvelous to see. Your comments make me very happy and yours this time made me feel that little bit more appreciated :) Sadly its been a horrible weekend. Many crying and snot-dripping lol (too much information? :P hehe)

Lisa said...

*ahhh ladies* : THANK YOU so much for your beautiful comments. How do I ever thank you ? i truly can't express my genuine gratitude for all your support + beautiful words. seriously.

so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

love you all.

ryder said...

call me crazy but my favourite fashion week is milan and then paris.
lather jacket? such a must have this season. (my choice is bron-for practical reasons-goes with new diesel shoes!!!)
skirt is sensational!!!

your look shows that in order to look attractive and hot there is no need to show too much skin.

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw, you are really just too sweet, and I'm starting to wish I knew you in real life as well, that would be, but until then, I think I'm just going to have to adopt you as my online big sister or something (I actually have a older sister in real life, but sadly, unlike you, she doesn't have killer style and a wardrobe I would kill to raid, nor is she as sweet and thoughtful... actually she's too busy being a party animal to show up much, but I'm trying not to be bitter about it haha :P)


Aw, I imagine you heard some harrowing stories if you were in Social Work! :'( This one story I'll never forget hearing is a girl in the middle east (I don't remember exactly what country anymore, it's been years) who was raped, and decided to actually report the man who did it. Basically living in such a sick and twisted society they actually arrested here and she was to be executed for accusing a man of rape. I read her story in a magazine and there was a petetion you could sign to try and fight for her freedom. The terrible thing is I don't have the magazine anymore, and can't remember her name... I still don't know what happened to her, but I pray she found freedom. Really this story and some others I've heard from women in other countries, have opened my eyes and my heart, and I really hope someday to perhaps bring awareness to the mistreatment of women more so, in other countries (it happens some hear too, but at least we're in a country where there is authority and such that will fight against and punish for abuse and what not).

I agree with you, I think both male and female are made equal in God's eyes, and should be treated with equal respect and understanding.

Anyway, I better stop now. Hope Monday is treating you good (I don't usually find Monday's to be a very nice day of the week haha) :)


J'Adore Fashion said...

great outfit, love the jacket. wish i could be in paris too!

ps: thanks for the comment :)


♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks for the get well wishes. :) You're so sweet. Yep, still feeling under the weather. Today I woke up not being able to talk. :( It's rough. So I took "the day off" from cleaning and packing. I am just resting, in bed/online, reading and watching TV. So far I've had orange juice and hot tea all morning. Later? Soup or something else equally warm and easy to eat.....

So glad you liked the collage. The girl in the top left corner (the one you liked, I believe??) Well, she's one of my new favorite models! ♥ Regina Feoktistova.

xo/ fashion chalet

denta said...

wow. i just discovered your blog and fell in love with it. you have a great style! i would wear everything exactly the same.

EMMA said...

oh my, your skirt is amazing!
great style lady!

x emma

♥ fashion chalet said...

You are so sweet. Thank you. Too feel a little better, I watched 90210 (the new one) the very first episode while I drank some tomato soup for lunch!

Tonight I will cozy up to some books and magazines with my ipod...

love ya. xoxo!

xo/ fashion chalet

Trendy Gourmandise said...

very cute the skirt

The Clothes Horse said...

This outfit is stunning. You definitely look as if you belong in Paris.


Continue the nice dreammm & one day u might wake up in the front row... wearing all blacks & so fab... Hope to hear from u too cos' you r simply faB!!!

Alie said...

Thanks for your message love.
Come to Paris anytime, stay with me and discover the mysteries of the city! We should organize something.. for the next fashion week?

Mariane M. said...

this is an amazing look!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that skirt

Jagucha said...

original parisian look from south africa cool! you are really very pretty and stylish!

Anonymous said...


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