sunday garb.

This is what I trucked around in yesterday. Just some comfy basics. Plaid. check. skinnies. and some booties to make it somwhat elegant ? Simple but oh so functional. Just another day filled with random errands. laundry. studying. walking the dog. etc... Sorry if this is super flat.

I've been tagged by some gorgeous gals- ashleigh and marta . I still don't get these things, but I will try my hardest to comply. Instead of doing the normal cut and paste. I thought I would just give some of my replies.

If I had unlimited funds...what would I do/buy ?

Besides providing water for the whole of Africa, and ending world poverty which are dreadfully and painfully out of reach...

I would purchase a private jet so I can fly home to Canada ANYTIME, and anywhere else for that matter. Switzerland. Sweden. New York. Sydney. Greece. Paris. Egypt. Tokyo. Ukraine... my list goes on forever...

Some of my most recently played songs --- in no particular order...

Automatic Stop--- The Strokes

Shut Up and Let Me Go--- The Ting Tings

The Con--- Tegan and Sara

The Good That Won't Come Out--- Rilo Kiley

I Will Possess Your Heart--- Death Cab for Cutie

Electric Feel--- MGMT

Calendar Girl--- Stars
Thanks lovely ladies.

AND I MUST PUT IT OUT THERE. I'm sure you've been bombarded with the images of the ridiculously fierce Christophe of BALMAIN ...and I am refraining from posting it, as its everywhere. But I just had to release some of my obsessiveness.


Mila said...

Haha i was just going to your blog when i saw your comment appear..thanks dear!

You look amazing, as always. your legs must me kilometres long! <3


Emily said...

i've never heard of zoom, but i'm hoping they're available in the us!!!

geri said...

lol. thank you! im loving the plaid shirt open over this mj top. who makes the boots?

copperoranges said...

i love electric feel .

those boots are intense!

Jillian said...


First off you're a total sweetheart and are always so sweet when you comment my blog!

Second but totally most important, this outfits is WONDEROUS! It is something I would see myself wearing and I really really want it!!! ALL! my bother has a shirt like that and i want to steal it from him all the time, lol!


The jeans have a wonderful wash too they're a perfect fit for your body.

and I think simple and functional is best! It's also very thoughtful of you. When you were asked what u'd do w/ unlimited money. So often people think of only themselves, heck even I think of myself more than i should, and it's really refreshing to see someone that doesnt.

hope you had a lovely monday!

Jessica said...

I love the outfit !

MWah.fashion said...

i like your shirttt. im going to steal it. youre linked!

makemoremistakes said...

PLAID!! I will never lose my obsession with plaid...I hope you're well dear!

belle.chantelle said...

LOVING the fit on those jeans!
And of course, the sexxed boots!

Eelie said...

Balmain? I keep reading him/it/her everywhere but have yet to understand this strange aura-like thing hovering areound the blogosphere :P

I agree comfy but functionality and very pretty. Some of the songs you list are on my constant mind playback. Wonderful taste. Have you heard of the Modest Mouse and Shiny Toy Guns? I think you may be interrested :)

Fashionistadiary said...

really nice outfit! do you wear heels every day? i so cant do that, i live (still) in my minnetonkas and vintage boots. omg and yes balmain! amazing! i put up a post about balmain yesterday. just amazing, if i had money (cough cough) i would invest in one, well several pieces!!! oh i replied to your email!! xo

ryder said...

The Ting Tings, death cab...mgmt...
music i play :)

that is not just comfortable outfit, its totaly stylish. like for example-that kind of a shirt is a must have this season, and this is strange but i have very similar boots. (i will email you).

it s funny how water bussines is becoming more important than any other. just an observation.

belmain! oh yes i did see belmain: fantastic! im in love with belmain outfits. they are timeless and creative, sophisticated and wild, sexy... i actually went to on line store to check one of their dresses... but when i saw the price... too much. i hope that topshop will copy them asap! belmain is perfect. my fav this season. (i thought it was givanchy until i saw... belmain)

alex hannah said...

those boots are so good looking!

cute cute outfit!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

argyl is the new print!

Ashleigh said...

ahhhhh one of my fave looks! I love the plaid mixed with that tee and the HEELS to give it a girlier vibe ....also, if you come to Canada...you BEST pay me a little visit :P...xx

WendyB said...

Nice shoes.

Susanna-Cole said...

Ah Lisa!!! Really comfy & timeless plaid (I'm crazy about it's colors too), check! hip, worn in, t-shirt, check! skinny jeans that fit perfectly, check! killer shoes that coordinate with the shirt color, check! clearly I just check listed to result in the conclusion that this is the marrrveeelous outfit! :D

I don't know how you make comfy look so good! Most people have to dress up in something fancy to look especially good, but not you!

Oh I know, I've always heard the goverment (as I have many friends who live there) in Africa can be so brutal and violent, really often it seems it's the government vs. the people, when it should be instead the government for the people or the government with the people. But anyway, I know you probably have more insight than I, living there, as I usually only hear accounts from friends.

And aw, don't worry about being a negative nancy, I know you're not a negative person, you were just speaking the truth and truth isn't always nice.

Anyway, oh, before I forget to tell you! I tagged you in my last blog entry, but as I always tell those I tag, there's no obligation to do whatever the tag says, or to do it all. I only want people to do it if they'll enjoy doing it! :)

Ok, I think that's always... always so much to say! Anyway, thanks as always, for the comment, You are the icing on my cake of blogging haha. If that makes any sense! :P


freya said...

i love your check shirt. whole outfit looks very simple but stunning.

btw - great legs! :)

Andy said...

Simple and amazing.
I really like your blog, do you wanna exchange links?

new on my blog btw. :)

yiqin; said...

Mmhmm the plaid shirt is amazing!!!!

Ula said...

I love your shirt:)

S said...

I adore this outfit. Plaid all the way! :)

Anonymous said...

i love your blog! one thing i would ADORE to see you do is a little photo collage of your inspirations. Your style is amazing and i would love to see the images that inspire you!

Lisa said...

mila: you're a beauty. thanks love.

emily: I got them at a outlet store here in CAPE TOWN. ahh so sorry :(

geri: you're SO sweet. THANK YOU!!!

copperoranges: that song is pretty sweet!

jillian: AH LOVE! i sent you a comment. BUT thank you for your beautiful, beautiful words. It truly touched my heart.

jessica + mwah + makemoremistakes + belle.chantelle: THANKS beautiful ladies. you're all amazing!

eelie: WHAT? I know its been hyped just about everyone. But it is that amazing... Its not only ridiculously HOT but its wearable. I mean everyday wearable. check check check it out!
You're SO sweeeeeeeet. thanks beautiful star.

fashionistadiary: you're so sweet. ummm i do probably wear heels everyday, but i am in and out of them. BUT I have to admit that some of my booties are more comfortable than flats ( call me crazy ) but they are!!! I have been searching for the perfect black pair of flat oxfords though... ideas?

ryder: we are more alike everyday, hey?!!!! You're so wonderful. Thanks for your ALWAYS amazing comments. ah I don't even know how to thank you. ah lets go to PARIS and swoon over Balmain... if only... dream dream.

alex hannah + aizat: thanks lovely ladies!

ashleigh: You're SO cute! I felt like i just threw on plaid & jeans...you're oh so lovely. AHH you better believe i would stop over in TO on my way to edmo! (ps- do you have go to Edmonton ? I'm from Sherwood Park...small-town-ville:) )

s-c: oh my dear. I seriously think you will render me speechless- permanently. How is it possible to be sooooooooo sweet ? Your family + friends sure do have the biggest gift in their lives... i seriously don't know what to say at the moment... all my looooooooooooooove.

freya: thanks lovely girl!

andy: you're such a stunn-er. Thanks for the comment. YES, for sure! link link.

yiqin + ula + S: thank uuuuu.

anon: Oh my. Thank you dearly. SO sweet you are! oh I woud LOVE to do one of those inspiration boards. I always admire everyone elses. The only thing is I have NO idea how? My PC acts up all time...but I will work on it... be on the lookout within the next month or so :) as it will probably take me that long. no joke! Thanks again for the comment love.

Anthea said...

I love how the boots and the zippers on the jeans totally dress up the t-shirt and plaid! Cute :)

Jenny H. said...

i loveee those boots.

and i love your blog!
wanna trade links?

Bella said...

Fantastic outfit! Random is gooood...

Mel said...

girl you're fiiiine! haha I love your long, long legs, you look stunning in those jeans!

amazing as always love!

ps: we have VERY similar music tastes - i've played so many of those songs hundreds of times haha


Dane said...

wowww boots. love the color.

ashleigh said...

i love that playlist!

and those boots!

and that shirt!

you do "random" proud. you look stunning as always! :)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Hey you,

You look beautiful as always and I love plaid, actually I'm obssessed with it :)... I will definately have to try pairing it with a tee... :)

Thank for doing this.. awesome selection of songs :) If I could I would fly to Ukraine every month to see my family :)... well I go back there almost every summer.

Have an awesome day

Eelie said...

Beautiful star? Thats a first! lol. As they say flattery gets you everywhere and you are now on my blogroll hun :P I have to post again, i always feel it necessary to reply to EVERONE who writes on my blog and you havn't written another post so you'll have to deal! :P

I will google Balmain and then get back to you.... I've just googled Balmain and OHHHHH :O he's a designer! I should've known since this is a Style community we have here ha. Very luch designs, very lush indeed :P

R said...

Love the boots!

The Paper Doll said...

Loving the boots and those skinnies look fab on you!!

Heide said...

I like you boots!

Stompface said...

Just wanted to say, love your taste in music! You just got even more cooler (if that were possible)

Love the pictures... you are so model!
are you a model? if not you should be because you really look like one!

spooky! I was just writing this comment and saw a comment from you appear...just like Mila!!
very spooky, you have cool psychic abilities.

Oh I can't believe you are too scared to wear it! Wear it! Right now! Like I said you are such a model, you can wear anything!

♥ fashion chalet said...

your shoes, your shirt, the jeans. GAH.. love it.

xo/ fashion chalet

Toni Alexis said...

Outfit is amazing! I love it!


Mireia* said...

You're the sweetest person when you comment on my blog, really! Thanks!
I must say that you have the longest legs ever!

morena said...

love the outfit !!!
The shirt is beautiful
I love plaid!!!!!!!!1

chloe said...

You are sexier than emanuelle Alt and roitfiel outside the last Parisian shows -
You look better in your jean than in a givenchy leather slim pants.....

meowmeow. said...


Jagucha said...

I couldnt imagine better outfit in this style!

Maya said...

I love your boots and the way you put everything together.

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