SO I totally jumped on the tie-dye bandwagon. I had been wanting to play around with it for awhile, so a few days ago I took to it.

Thanks for all the inspiration guys.

It was just me and some oh-so-toxic-bleach.
I mildly burnt my hands (i had no gloves)
and did it in the kitchen sink, therefore giving my BF and I bleach headaches.

To be honest it took no more than 8 minutes.
I grabbed a darker pair of old-cut-offs ( i have A LOT) and literally just splattered bleach on them. I kind of just moved it around and did the same with the back.
Left them in the sink overnight.
Threw them in the wash in the morning.

And woot woot.
diy complete.

I will now be searching for a jean dress of sorts to do the same.

I think I've broke my diy barrier.


♥ fashion chalet said...

INSANELY gorgeous
in that SECOND shot!


Thanks for the rocker chic comments, my rocker chic muse!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos... you look so sweet and intense.


you go girl!! love them hun! and they look insane with the bodysuit! you my dear totally get style. I love diy!glad you tried it,locve how you can make something throughly unique for little or no money at all.
my dear i applaud you for the excellent comment you made on I am ashleighs blog in ref to outfit posts.Your sentiments were mine exactly dear.
Rock on hottie!


p.s: you have such gorgeous hair(the colour and textureis beautiful) Lisa and the most intense eyes!tell the bf hes a lucky boy!!!

Couture Carrie said...

Awesome DIY!
You have the most perfect skin, Leese!


Emily said...

well done! i'm so impressed with your craftiness! those shorts look fab on you and i love how you paired it with that bodysuit. hotness. xo

Bella said...

Great DIY! And as always, the images are gorgeous... I love the casual-rocker chic vibes!

Amy (Shades-of-Black) said...

Love it, youvde done them so well! Ive been thinking of doing it too, but I'm pretty sure Id do a rubbish job of them!

Hot Bot said...

Yes, that second shot is amazing :)

Fashion Therapist said...

This looks awesome. Thanks for the tip on the gloves I have something to bleach and this is really good to know. :)

Laura* said...

GREAT shirt!!!!

Kenza said...

You're so simple, so natural, so different of lot of bloggers and i like it !

makemoremistakes said...

YAY! I love DIYing, and I love seeing other people's products. Your shorts turned out wonderfully.

I hope you're fabulous lovely!


p.s. thanks always for the amazingly sweet words!

margault said...

your shorts are insanely gorgeous ! i should do them too, and add some studs (maybe.)
love !

S of Modern-Guilt said...

haha did the same thing with mine (except I used gloves). Definitely, definitely gave myself the bleach headache/high though, haha. Eventually I had to go clear my head on the freezing cold apartment balcony...go figure :)

Anyways. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS of you gorgeous Lisa! The shorts turned out super wonderfully, in my opinion you are TOTALLY the winner of this DIY twin thing!

Thanks as always for the beautiful and kind words.

Dana (MODAna) said...

amazing result! I love that they're not hoochie short (...I'm guilty of that sometimes)
and on a sidenote, that 2nd shot is your most gorgeous one

Maya said...

I love that shirt! simple, but I love the low cut in the back.
You look gorgeous as always.

jaime said...

simple, yet so chic and pretty!

Unwise Pedestrian said...

Yay! SO glad to see you jump on the DIY bandwagon. You'll never look back!

Looking gorgeous as always.

Emma said...

and the results are fantastic! congrats! (i've have to do the same, but I am a dissaster customizing clothes)

Zanita said...

You've totally broken the DIY barrier!!! Custom city! These look great babe.
I don't own enough cuttoffs so im actually cutting two pairs of jeans today. Its pretty much summertime on the southside of the globe hey?
Its actually quite amazing how many pieces of clothing we share similar. I have that body suit in a dress style.
Hope you are having a gorgeous day!

apricot tea. said...

You have beautiful hair. :] I love this outfit, too.

Zanita said...

p.s. i noticed your bikram obsession...im going to bikram for the first time today, ill probably pass out!

Mila said...

Woooow, beyond gorgeous again sweetheart!

And your face...my goodness.
So beautiful.
Soo pure.

LOVE for you, for now and ever.



brava! brava!

cant wait for more inspiration.


ashleigh said...

they look so great :) i'm so scared to use bleach i'll probably harm a small animal or child in the process i'm just that clumsy.

that second shot is. wow.



and i love that you love bodysuits! i'm obsessed with mine at the moment

MOLLY GRAY said...

cute outfit & love your hair, is gorgeous.

For Love not Money said...

Yes indeedy - digging the denims.

I have a pair just like them, but I must admit, they are store- bought (To busy to DIY!)

Though your's are so nice they inspire me to find the time....

Oh, and a big Yah! to piles of cut offs - why do we keep buying them when we know we already have a pair to suit all occasions????


belle.chantelle said...

great shots! love the back of that body suit

I am Dane. said...

Congratulations on popping your DIY cherry! Love the shorts, love the bodysuit. You look crazy amazing in the last shot, just utterly stunning!

I am Dane. said...

Congratulations on popping your DIY cherry! Love the shorts, love the bodysuit. You look crazy amazing in the last shot, just utterly stunning!

Krystal said...

ok, after seeing these, PLEASE dont tell me you are not a "M"!! you are striking! xx

J'Adore Fashion said...

GORGEOUS!!! hun, those bodysuit look great on your flawless skin, great skin. love the short too.


Wendy said...

You look amazing Lisa!

Tinsley said...

absolutely beautiful!
you know, ive yet to do something acid wash on my own denim but now i really have the urge to...!

Petra said...

WOW! Nice work wit hteh diy shorts! They look amazing, especially paired with the black leotard and booties. Gorgeous.

I really want to try bleaching/acid-wash... The results are amazing, and you have definatly inspired me to go for it!


syd vicious said...

Love that bodysuit!

Song of Style said...

I'm glad it turned out so great!!!

Terencesambowrites said...

That bodysuit just goes with the rest of the outfit... nice choice.. oh! n the shoes are major :o)

Mode Junkie said...

the result is amazing. you look amazing. :)
i too must break my diy-dye barrier. i am kinda afraid to destroy stuff.

Lisa said...


YAY thanks for all the DIY encouragement. I've always been scared of it.

BUT Now I have the bug!!!

all you diy'ers---you are my inspiration and i admire everything. you . do.
you rock it out.

all your sweetness is insanely crazytown.


oh if you have not tried bleach-ing give it a go.
i promise you it is SUPER easy.

the.ramonas said...

hi gorgeous! haven't seen you in a while.... like always, looking beatiful! hope to see you around again!


maria said...

a sun itself standing in the sun


Fabulous photos dear...You are so gorrrgeous!

Miriam said...

you look amazing

Vintage Me New You said...

you look so beautiful:)
missed reading your blog!
hope you are ok and you enjoy time as you know best!

Rianna Bethany said...

This looks lovely, and I J'adore the burberry number too
Rianna Bethany xxxxxx

Ivania said...

looks like you live somewhere with great sunny weather,
great job you did to the shorts!

Elena Abaroa said...

in the second picture u are stunning!your hair looks a dream!lol :P

Stompface said...

You are too clever! Great DIY.
I want to get on the bleach bandwagon as soon as possible.

cut-offs are the best thing in the world.

Love that bodysuit too, how great are bodysuits. mmm delicious bodysuits.


Fashionistadiary said...

omg fantastic lisa!!! you look amazing. I have the same aa body suit, how fabulous is the fit! god i so need to start diy-ing.. im just too lazy, but i guess with the credit crunch i should snap out of my laziness! ;) you are an inspiration xo

ryder said...

did i ever mentioned that im crazy for body suits? they bring the best in great shaped women. it looks fab on you.

but lisa, when are we going to see you in some high heel sandals?


eva said...

ah great outfit...i especiallly love the second photograph. :)

She's Dressing Up said...

The shorts look great, the DIYing worked out fantastic!
And I love your outfit - the low backed top looks gorgeous

Fashion_Girl22 said...

I aboustly adore your shirt! It's so simple and oh so sexy! You were it well. <3

The Stylish Wanderer said...


Ashleigh said...

turned out great lovely....and I love that backless shot of you...!!

Mel said...

omg hun, gorgeous! I would have sworn I saw you on the Wang catwalk. You're such a beauty. the diy gap shorts are fab, good job with the scissors ;) and love the aa bodysuit. garh, love it all haha.

how've you been?? Enjoying your summer break? wait..is it summer there? it is right? I'm going to work on my tan so i can't wait for the beach haha. xx

rachel said...

gorgeous! I wanna go do that bleaching thing, but I believe my laziness is preventing me from doing it. And I absolutely have no clue as how and where to start. should look that up when I get extra time on my hands.

you look stunning, as always :)

♥ R

♥ Marta ♥ said...

OMG they look amazing ...as do you :)I have yet to break the diy barrier... I'm just not very crafty at all.

P.S. you have really beautiful hair :)

Andy said...

That is insanely amazing.
You are so gorgeous sweety!
New post on my blog, check it out.



Luxe. said...

I LOVE your style and how you alway wear your hair back, its so refreshing!

Champagne said...

Very nice, you wonderful.

Trendy Gourmandise said...

very sunny picture you have a lot of luck because in paris its raining every day

quang ba web said...

love love love.

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