tagged by the beautiful fashionispoison
6 unimportant things that make me happy:
1. stella McCartney lingerie. ( after years of lusting...i am about to cave...)
2. magazines + green tea.
3. BIG bouquets of all white flowers.
4. my birthday this saturday. nov.8/2008.
5. freshness (the smell after a rainfall, cutting a watermelon, clean white sheets)
6. vintage rock t's. leather jackets. black booties + ONLINE shopping
( had to squeeze that one in!!!!)
AH. I am going crazy with finals + birthday on the weekend + more finals next week.


leflassh. said...

aww i want your sunnies.
you look amazing.

Jenn said...

You look brilliant! Love this outfit!

Kicking couture girl said...

that denim skirt is so pretty! i want a pair of jeans in that colour so badly now!

p.s you look like kira plasitina in that pic!

Billie Jean said...

love your combination with the skirt and the leather jacket! you are rockin this outfit!

July Stars said...

Happy birthday in advance, lovely! May all your dreams come true on that special day xoxo

Domonique said...

Love this look. Might just purchase one of those AA skirts that I have been contemplating for a while. Nice blog you have here.

Fashion Tidbits said...

you are so totally rocking that purple AA skirt!!!!! i can't really wear high-wasiters, so i'm awfully jealous :P

She's Dressing Up said...

Whole outfit = fantastico.
I love sitting down with a thick magazine and a cup of herbal tea

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Wow! great pieces!! Lovely the way you put them all together!!! I love the skirt, the jacket and the zip top... those booties are divine!!!!

You look gorgeous!!!

Mila said...

Lisa, you beauty!!
It looks amazing on you.
I truly love your style, can't say nothing else...


Dana (MODAna) said...

happy early bday!

Amy (Shades-of-Black) said...

GREAT leather jacket!


Susanna-Cole said...

Oh my goodness, your outfit looked great at first sight, but when I scrolled down a bit and saw the whole shirt underneath... it got even better! That shirt fits seemlessly with the skirt, and I love the jacket adding to the form and giving a little edge! I'm also really into purple, so I love your purple skirt!

And ah, it's your birthday in 2 days! That's exciting!! :D Hope your finals don't spoil your birthday at all though, somehow birthdays and finals just don't seem like a good match if you ask me! :P

And aw no, don't worry! I shall survive, I don't know exactly what is wrong (because doctors clearly take 1072037 days to read some x-rays and a MRI) but my doctor said she thinks a disk slipped in my back and is pinching a nerve that connects to my leg (and somehow gets to my hip too, cause my hips a goner too :P) and so my leg is like, um, in one word: OW! :P Anyway, so I'm not supposed to work for at least a week, and no walking, lifting, etc... but I'm enjoying having no work! :D

And while I may be on painkillers, any and all kind things I said to you were not just a result of drug delusion, I can gaurentee it! :D (Though I can't gaurentee I spelled gaurentee right... I'm thinking it's spelled wrong, which of course, bothers me, cause I'm a spelling geek like that! :P)

Hope you're having a lovely um, Thursday (is it Thursday?), okay maybe just a lovely DAY! :) <3


Natalia said...

How very strange - we have the same birthday :)
15 on the 8th as well, and I've lived in Southern Africa too.

I always love the backgrounds of your photos.

B. said...

heyyy nice outfit, like always
I really like the color of the skirt! :D

Hot Bot said...

You're gorgeous! Model-esque even.
Any special birthday plans? I love birthdays!

Maria said...

Your such an angel Lisa :) I'm so glad I've gotten to know you.

The purple just pops! Love it, another great outfit!

Your birthday eeeeeh? I will remember that! Fun fun, what are your plans that day?


Madeleine said...

Ciao bellissima

You look so so good, love the pop of colour and the hot body suit. I have to agree with the comment saying you're very modelesque. You really are.

Did you ge the matte leggings yet? I still have to make my order..:P

Wonderful unimportant things, that in in reality are so important. I<3

oohh your birthday, yippiii:)

Have a nice evening sweetie xx

Petra said...

Lisa, you are so beautiful! This is such a gorgeous look, I adore the leotard and the jacket together!

I'm so flattered you like my tshirt dress, and of course i'll sew one for you :)
My email address is petra_benton@hotmail.com if you want to send through the picture, and i'll go on a fabric hunt!



great outfit
the colour of that skirt is other!


Fashion Is Poison said...

yayyy it's your birthday soon! :D

i LIVE on green tea and boba.

you look beautiful love!


Abing said...

Happy birthday!!! you look gorgeous!! the skirt make u so slim!!! great colours, you always look terrific!!!!!!!!!

MR style said...

gorgeous as usually !! what is your secret

Jillian said...

the boots are great the top is perfect and the purple skirt is the BEST!

i love it my darling you look awesome!

i'm so SORRY you've been so busy w/ school you honestly deserve a break the end of this semester will probably be a relief!

<3 good luck! xoxo
sending you ALL the luck of the world!

Lisa said...

**** THANKS EVERYONE AHHHHHHHHH. MY THANKFULNESS levels are through the roof... i am up to my ears in studying and to have so much supprt + love is simply a blessing. SO thank you ****

oh my no secret here!
i just try to live passionately & be thankful for each.and.everything in my life!!!



Anonymous said...

that skirt is amazing! i've been wanting a similar one but in denim. and yet i haven't even tried to find it yet. haha.

rachel said...

you rock that outfit so well! I'm still amazed how you look so edgy and high fashion all the time, you belong on the pages of a glossy! seriously

♥ R

Anonymous said...

Love your list x

Zanita said...

i have that skirt! hot look babe

Zanita said...

ahh i love your unimportant list! all greatness! But you're wrong about those things being unimportant, thats certain.
Happy birthday for tomorrow! Hope you have an amazing day!

srta a said...

good outfit!! olve leather jacket!


syd vicious said...

Loving the skirt, you look so badass here! Happy (early) Birthday to you!

AUCH* said...

the skirt it´s so pretty!!

Olviya said...

You know, my favorite relax is drinking green tea with 'fresh' magazines)
thats so exciting! :)
Oh, very interesting - what would You like to recieve on ur birthday? kind of most wanted present this year?

The Clothes Horse said...

I love that AA bodysuit on you.
There really is something about fresh scents.

AUCH* said...

aarrrgggg la falda es monisimaaaa!!!tengo tentacion de comprarla..ademas se la vi a una chica y queda genial..bueno esq ella tiene un cuerpazo..=P

quiero verte cn ella puesta!!!

un besote

Kenza said...

I'm so jealous, you always have the sunny weather !
(By the way, the skirt is lovely, i really love the purple !)

The Stylish Wanderer said...


Im so jealous of your Ray Bans. I lost my own pair and now Im paying the price.


Hi Lisa I'm an italian fashion blogger...here is a little post about you!!
I hope you like this...

♥ fashion chalet said...

Your Birthday is almost here? Yay. I'll be at a Classical music concert the same day. Have a BLAST, love. :)

Well, you look gorgeous. You rock sunglasses so well. So very "I'm at Fashion Week in Paris!"

Thanks for your kind comment, I love that quote.... "a smile is the window to someone's soul...

♥/ fashion chalet

Krystal said...

ahh! you look amazing! ps-i have that skirt, and ive never worn it, couldnt figure out how to work it...and you really worked it!! LOVE.


Madeleine said...

Hiii love

Thank you for yet another one of your sweeet comments, I do appreciate it so so much. You are the sweetest ever.

Two more weeks to go and then I'll be off. iiiiihh :D

I need more $$. I'm starting to panic slightly. There's just too much I'd like to get my hands on. Easy now.

Have a lovely weekend bella.

Stompface said...

Yayy! You are wearing the bodysuit finally.

It looks freakin' amazing on you love! AMAZING.

Love this outfit, you are such a genius at outfit putting togethering, haha. I would never ever think of such a cool combo as that, that purple skirt is absolutely wild!!

You look so hot in those sunnies, I want some.

Oh and your birthday, happy birthday dear!

oh and thanks for your totally amazing comment, that is the best compliment in the world.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

love the skirt and jacket

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! (It's he 8th over here)

I love that jacket! It's the perfect cut.

And just think, in a week, it will all be over...

P.S. Snap for the inspiration board post, great minds think alike :)

sarah said...

hello lovely.this skirt great the colour is so so good.. 8th of november? that is today! happy birthday x

Andy said...

Amazing outfit !!
HAPPY BDAY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria said...

Happy birthday darling! Today is your day.


I hope you have a day filled with a lot of laughs and smiles (and great presents which you must show us later, yeeah?;)) and with people who love you!

Lisa, you are SO beautiful, on the inside and outside. You're just a wonderful person! I'm lucky to know you :) Eat lots of cake and enjoy your day!

I wish you all the best.

loves u.


love this outfit! and happy bday, have a great day!!

MOLLY GRAY said...

im with finals too.. and sucks..
amazing pictorial!

ROBOTS said...

cool style
very good blog!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you, love. I really want your leotard, one piece. The white zipper really gets me!<3

Have a fantastic weekend.

♥/ fashion chalet

J'Adore Fashion said...

wow, i can't say how much i love those skirt and color on you, love those leopards--hope i right!!! from AA?

have a wonderful one hun!!!! oh!, you have same birthday as my mom--yay!!!


Maya said...

Love the pop of color you used.

Vintage Me New You said...

beautiful outfit, what i like more is your amazing attitude:)purple with black, just stunning!
you have style and definetely you have grace:)

Angela said...


Fashionistadiary said...

you look amazing lisa! how do you manage to stay in such great shape? happy birthday love!! hope so much you have a fabulous day xoxoxo

Elena Abaroa said...

happy bday gorgeous one!hope u have an amazing day with all your lovely people!!!and if u get new clothes for presents pleaseeeeee, post them to us!im sure u wont disapoint hahahahahahah kisses pretty girl ;)

Emma said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Have a nice day!

(love your outfit as always)

belle.chantelle said...

especially the purple skirt
looks funky

M* said...

Fortunatelly, I arrived on time to say this to you in my blog, haha, I never update on saturdays but you deserve it!!
One of the most wonderful girls I've "meet" here...

Have a wonderful day!


thesearchforchic said...

Very carine with the purple skirt.. great look.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

You look absolutely stunning ... and that skirt is AMAZing...

Bottes said...

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mond said...

what magazines do you dig?
this outfit is tiiite.

i actually live in austin, texas.
and my week has been great, i hope yours has also. (:


Kim said...

You are beautyful! :D
And I love your blog,
xxx, Kim

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