my beauties.

FROM top 2 bottom:
1. rosebud salve : I think this stuff is self-explanatory. It has a magical formula. classic. A must have! Go purchase asap.
2. mint green tea : Although I love green tea from my sushi joint- mint green tea steals my heart. The crispness that comes from the mint, coupled with all the yummy antioxidants from the leaves = pure heaven. I drink at least 2 GIANT mugs a day.
3. NARS multiple (Palm Beach, although the picture here is orgasm): This stick is the perfect bronzer. But alas, it is NOT only a bronzer but an eyeshadow + lip color. It's an all-in-one and could not be more perfect.
4. Kiehls tinted: This stuff is IT. I don't like wearing foundation at all, but this stuff not only has sunscreen in it (SPF is a must) but it moisturises and covers. I promise you if you are in the market for a new sheer base, this is the stuff. I use the Light color.
5. Gucci by Gucci: This is what a woman would smell like if she were a man (?). I love its fem/masc. notes. I feel like this scent bottles up all that I am.
6.ysl touche eclat (shade # 2) : No words to describe the greatness. I think it speaks for itself.
7. Bodyshop coconut body butter : This has been my mainstay for as long as I can remember. I slather it on after a shower and it keeps me smooth + fresh all.day.long. Also who doesn't want to smell like a coconut all day? It's like going on a mini vacay.
8. MAC +fix : Spray this before you put on your make-up OR after. OR even better when you do not feel like wearing any make-up at all, spritz and you will be left with a healthy glow. It looks as if you just went on a mini-jog, without having to actually run. Now that's what I call love.
9. Kiehls abyssine eye cream : I just started using this stuff this summer and I feel like I can't go to bed without it. I also put a little bit on in the morning to de-puff. I 'm quite skeptical about all eye creams, BUT I really feel like this stuff produces results. I guess only time will tell...
10. Cetaphil : This it the one and only face wash I use. I've used it for 10 years now and I will NEVER ever use another. It's gentle and keeps my skin squeaky clean.
11. O.P.I Pink-ing of you : This is hands down my favorite shade. It has that little bit of bubblegum pop, it's neutral and when you do not feel like sporting "vodka & caviar" or "russian navy" It will leave you feeling girly as ever, especially with all the leather + zippers. :)


Fashion Tidbits said...

lots of Kiehls...i see :)

Mode Junkie said...

no wonder your face looks so flawless. love all of these.

ryder said...

ok, i use some different stuff, but im so interesetd to hear more reviews about some items here, so i will email u girl. (so i dont looks silly in public). xxoxoo

stellawantstodie said...

J´adore khiels!! is the best brand to my skin!

Anonymous said...

Rosebud salve is a must-have in every beauty case!

I like your blog... Nice work!



July Stars said...

That's so funny, I laughed when I saw your choice of OPI colour and your comment: I'm a 'Vodka & Caviar' red girl ... always!

Allure said...

I've always wanted to tried Kiehl's products.

Mimi said...

I agree with mode junkie:Your skin seems to be perfect.Maybe I should go for some products :D

ryan manning said...

gawker linked

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw boo, your pictures don't like me anymore, cause most of them are not showing up. :( Oh well with your handy dandy descriptions of all the products I can simply use my imagination! And it's was lovely to know what you like to use, perhaps I will try some of these things about myself! :)

And awww thanks for your super super super sweet comment! ♥ I didn't know people could be as sweet as you could until I met you! :D

Aw why do you feel like you're going crazy? :( Are you still doing exams and what not? Hope things settle down and you get your peace of mind back soon! :)

I feel quite good actually, except a stupid headache from lack of sleep, but my leg and back feel pretty much all better now, it was a much faster recovery than I thought so I am happy about that! :)

Hope your day goes well dear! <3


Susanna-Cole said...

I meant, "try some of these things myself" I don't know what the "about" was in there for... that's what I get for skim proof reading and then clicking "Publish Your Comment" before I'm actually done! :P

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Hey you...
I love Rosebud Salve... I worship it,lol and I wear the same OPI nail color everyday ... and I was just planning on picking up Kiehl's product and the YSL coverup thingy... I pretty much adore all the same things that you do, lol :) including green tea... I love green tea with peach :)

beccajanie said...

I am a huge fan of mint tea and cetaphil also - you've definitely encouraged me to look into some of these other gems though

rebeca's said...


S of Modern-Guilt said...

LOVE Rosebud Salve and Cetaphil - those two things in and of themselves are life savers!
Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us Lisa, and for the lovely words and energy you always bring. Truly, you are brilliant.

Mila said...

wow nice post!
Oooh i love rosebud salve, it's my numer 1 FOREVER! <3

All the other things i've never tried, but i'll surely do after you recommended them. ;)

I am fine dear, thanks so much for asking...

Hope you are great!


J'Adore Fashion said...

j'adore mac fix. :)

Kenza said...

Coconut cream from Body Shop ! I love it !

claire said...

i love seeing people's beauty products, its always rather interesting...cool stuff

y-s x

♥ fashion chalet said...

Pinking of You, how cute is that??? I love OPI! :) I have on my Vodka & Caviar Red today!....

Thanks for the comment, love and wonderful idea (of Sailing) one of my favorite things to do! xxx

Keep on staying your ever lovely self, Lisa!

Andy said...

Oh i really like that stuff.
New post on my blog darling !
I hope to have a comment from you really soon



the rosebud salve
is an absolute must have
lips feel so fresh and beautiful

makemoremistakes said...

I LOVE LOVE moroccan mint tea! It's the only way that I'll drink green tea. I hope you are well lovely- and that exams went well (are you still taking them?) and that you are just wonderful.

Sending love and hugs and x's and o's!


Ashleigh said...

yeaa ;) I wear that polish too..one of my faves ...well when im actually WEARING polish...its a rare occasion :P

SICK. said...

nars the multiple, yes ! i have it in orgasm, it's great.

ohh i'm obsessed with it, except i've had to deal with plain old green tea as of late because i'm fresh out of the minty goodness.
i drink two mugfuls in the morning, one at lunch, and three between the time i get home from school and the time i go to bed, on average.
i like my tea ;]

haha one time when i was wearing the coconut body butter, someone was like "eww, what is that smell ..." i just sort of backed away !

happy thursday

CRISTA said...

mint green tea is ridiculously tasty!!! i drink it every morning.. makes me feel more awake!!

Madeleine said...

Ciao bellissima

Fantastic product list, I might try the Kiehls tinted, I've been looking for something like that.

The opi pink is soo cute, love it!

Have a wonderful Friday Lisa.


Madeleine said...

And oh, I must not forget to thank you for sharing your beauty secrets

<3 maddi

STEFANIE said...

Aah yes rosebud salve! I love it too ^-^ And I have been meaning to try out some Kiehl's stuff, but I never knew what to get, so THANK YOU for this list, I will try these things first ^-^

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I had the rosebud salve until I left it in the car and it melted and was never quite the same again. (sad face)

Have a wonderful day lady!

The Stylish Wanderer

Fashion Is Poison said...

Kiehls abyssine eye cream is THE bomb. Ahhh all these products are A+!

rachel said...

this entry rocks! I loove talking about beauty products. will definitely look into the Rosebud Balm (no idea where to get it), MAC + fix, and the Kiehls tinted moisturizer. I've been looking for the perfect barely-there foundation that covers imperfections. hopefully that will be it! and I have been wanting to try YSL Touche Eclat for the longest time!

♥ R

Petra said...

Such great beauty products!!
Cetaphil is AMAZING and I am hopelessly addicted to green tea. Have you tried it with lemon? It's my absoloute favourite, although I am craving some with mint now you're mentioned it!!

Gorgeous post, It's great to hear how some make-up sproducts are, as I'm not a huge makeup person, and am not too knowledgeable in that department!

I hope you are well and happy! xx

María said...

buenos consejos

sarah said...

cetaphil! hahaha love it! and the gucci perfume is so good also x

Anabel said...


I think I need to try some of thesee!

I love cosmetics :D

Oh She Glows said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I love your blog!!! Will definitely be back!


Stompface said...

You have great taste in makeup as well as fashion!

I love that Gucci!! So awesome.

I am going to have to get out and try some of these other ones! I love new exciting makeup.

oh and mint green tea! that sounds amazing, I am obsessed with green tea, but that just sounds perfect.

hope you are well dear.

Jillian said...

body shop body butter is the ONLY thing i can use on my skin, it's so super sensitive that cocoa butter products are all i can use and I've only ever been able to use Shu Uemura oil to wash my face w/

Anonymous said...

i cannot believe that you're from edmonton! or sherwood park, whatever. because i'm from edmonton and..well let's just say it's quite rare to see anyone that's fashion forward like you.

irene said...

lovely blog!

escritora said...

i need to try touche eclat ysl

allaboutvintage said...

hiiiiii!! i love touche eclat its fantastic
i sold VINTAGE earrings, they have been purchased in local markets of PARIS,BARCELONA, MADRID..and ITALY each piece that i bought has a small story. so delightful for fans of vintage and unique pieces

Lisa said...

*** I HIGHLY recommend all of these. AH I seriously love all of these products and use them heaps & heaps.
love Kiehls !!! and yes rosebud salve + touche eclat are saviours !!! *** You will not be disappointed. I PROMISE :) ***

thanks FOR ALL THE LOVE !!!

anon from edmo : THANK you so much. YAY for a edmontonian. I grew up in sherwood park ("aka" bubbleville) I miss home heaps, but will be home for Christmas!

Songy said...

I see some of my fave. beauty products are universal it seems. :)

life . style . dissected said...

i can't live without touche eclat either...it is miraculous! don't you just love being a girl!

Mel said...

hun no wonder you have the best skin ever! and thanks to your cetahphil advice, i shall def try it. i'm so sick of washing my face with lancome or biotherm it's drying my skin out! and the ysl touche eclt..gosh that works wonders! loving it!

Lola Re said...

Great beauty post! I'll have to try some Kiehls... I keep hearing about it :) Lola Re

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