Stripes forever hold a place in my heart.
They make a bold statement with their contrasting ways, infinite bandwidths. colors. and weaves, which in turn provides me with endless possibilities.
I will forever wear my stripes.
While most were gallivanting through the night, attending Halloween parties right and left, eating ridiculous amounts of miniature sized candies.
Had the most grandma filled weekend ever. I do not even think I slipped on a pair of heels once. I was either studying or when I did venture out it was simply black flats. My heels just stared back at me with zero inspiration.
Still waiting for my shoe fairy delivery!


pipelette said...

wonderful! so beautiful hair, love it

MR style said...

great great style !! dudette u'r really inspire full

ryan manning said...

victory in japan

Madeleine said...

Hi lovely:)

Talking about hair, yours is fantastic! I love your natural colour. And it looks really helthy.

Stripes are a classic. I love the total look of this. So 70's.

Bags..mm. I've got a few dream bags on my mind. If I'll afford buying one is to bee seen..I'm thinking I should go back to be there for the sales;)

Though do unpredictable expences always seem to get in my way. My cellphone is dying on me. Before that it was my camera.arrg

Have a lovely Sunday pretty one!

Fashion Tidbits said...

i've given up heels for the past week. i love stomping around in my black Walkers :) you have gorgeous hair, dear

Jimena said...

I love this outfit - I'm always a sucker for simple everyday outfits that look laid back and carefree.
I have to agree with a comment about - your hair is fantastic! My mother is right next to me, and I've just discoverd your blog - the first thing I did was saying to her: Look at this girl's hair!

Jimena said...

I love this outfit - I'm always a sucker for simple everyday outfits that look laid back and carefree.
I have to agree with a comment about - your hair is fantastic! My mother is right next to me, and I've just discoverd your blog - the first thing I did was saying to her: Look at this girl's hair!

Jenn said...

I love weekends like that! Great outfit! Love your hairand sunnies!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

i like the vibe i get from this outfit...its so 70's, late 60's feeling...i can look at my mothers photos from when she was a teen and see her in an outfit like this...i love it.

even the lighting in the picture makes it 70's

go girl!

Abing said...

you really have sense of style!! just starting to blogging and added to my list!!! ispiration!!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

this is my favorite outfit of you. You look fantastic.

SICK. said...

alexander wang 2006, nantucket native, sailor's delight.
it's so perfect !

happy sunday, lovie.


Krystal said...

ahh, this is so amazing, i love the baggy jeans on you!!


Susanna-Cole said...

Must you always look so flippin' cool?! Ah! I feel like it should be impossible for you to look so fabulous all the time, but clearly it's not! :D

I love that cardigan especially, it's just beautiful, and those Ray Bans make every outfit look chic! :)

Anyway, hm, this might be the shortest comment I've ever left you, I apologize but my thoughts have all been eaten by work. :( :P

Anyway hope you're having a lovely weekend! <3


Dana (MODAna) said...

grandmas are the tops.
best, cardi, ever.

Fashionistadiary said...

stripes totally rule!!! i wear stripes quite a bit.. it is almost like an addiction ;) sorry i havent replied to your email yet, i have been so busy and at times not too well. will reply as soon as i can xo

Andy said...

God you look so beautiful sweety !

rebeca's said...


Petra said...

You forever amaze me with your perfectly gorgeous style!!

I adore your stripes, they are perfect, and look so lovely with the light denim jeans. Perfect for a study break!

I hope your exams are going well, do you have many left to go? Soon they will be over!!

I hope you have a wonderful start to the week! x

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Hey you,
I love this nautical inspired outfit ... I have weakness for stripes as well :) BUt Stripes +those pants = pure love :)
I love wearing flats... sometimes heels just feel off for me :S
Have an awesome week :)

syd vicious said...

Classy lady!

Alie said...

Loving the shirt!

B. said...

How could you be so stylish! lol
I really like the way you dress :D
visit my blog if you have time

The Stiletto Effect said...

love those jeans! but i would try those like Katie does: http://www.celebrity-gossip.net/celebrity_gallery/image_full/102407/

micaela said...

the cardigan i wanted it sooo bad at UO, but it was $50 and i didnt want to blow my money on a cardigan LOL
maybe when its cheaper ill buy it (: ahah but it looks really great on you

Emily said...

i'm probably more excited than i should be, but i own this same cardigan! i absolutely adore how you tucked it in and i'm suddenly inspired it give it a go. hope your weekend was a great one, love!

Mel said...

hahaha HIGH FIVE love, i didn't wear heels ALL weekend either. I figured I give it a rest esp with exams on soon i was NOT bothered with anything (I know what the hell right? haha.

hope you had a great weekend mmm yum CANDY for halloween! I'm the biggest junk food maniac. it's terrible :(

i love the cardi, oh so sailor-like you look beautiful my dear, your outfit is so fresh today.

you're such a stunner


E . lsbt said...

Wonderful! Gorgeous! Love it.

Hot Bot said...

Aren't we all waiting for the shoe fairy? I love her!

Mila said...

So beautiful, darling!

I wonder if you've ever had a day that you didn't look good.. ;)

To be honest, no, it's not okay, not at aaalll.
I am struggling a lot with different things that are going on in my life right now.
Don't really know what to do.

(Do you have MSN Messenger?)

Love for you, dear!


M* said...

You look awesome (as always)
I love stripes as well.

Hope you've had a great weekend, Lisa!


brittany said...

once again, loveeeee the cardigan!

looking like vb is definitely a good thing! she's adorable

and DON'T even worry about it, i was such a party pooper this weekend. it was halloween and a friends birthday and yet excessive amounts of homework forced me to stay in. i only left my house to get groceries. pathetic right!

Jillian said...


I absolutely LOVE this outfit, I cannot stop raving about it. I am now pretty effing sure that I want light washed jeans!

Girl you totally sold those to me!

I hope you had an amazing weekend, we've got so much to catch up on!
stay gorgeous!

ashleigh said...

ohh i love the stripes.

i hope your study isn't too stressful love, not much longer. my first one is tomorrow. hence the short comment.

i'm a tad stressed out now, especially since i have to work tonight which leaves room for no more studying.

Fashion Is Poison said...

this reminds me of that my fav girl on that 70s show. your hair is so pretty and ugh you have PERFECT skin! love the stripes- always a classic you can rely on :)

hope you had a marvelous weekend!


I am Dane. said...

You look amazing, heels or no heels!

Eelie said...


It had been only a week but it felt so so so painfully long. You look wonderful and have you noticed nauticals always make atleast one seasonal appearance every year? lol. It almost like this style wil never fade which is bad because an already pudgy me wearing horizontal stripes is BAD on more than one level lol but you have the enviable lean body mass that makes me jealous *sigh*

All the best for study prep too! Do us all proud girly :)


Lisa darrrrling, love your glossy hair ! Lovely new week to you!!

Mode Junkie said...

i am a stripe freak too. ;)
you look stunning lisa.

oL said...

Wow! great outfit! you look georgeus with boyfriends jeans!!!
Stripes...i love them too...
good monday lady!!!

discothequechic said...

you have to be the queen of high waist trousers!



Amy (Shades-of-Black) said...

Thanks for the lovely comment :)

Love everything about this look, the cardigan looks great with those jeans!

Swap Links?


S of Modern-Guilt said...

You are so naturally chic and gorgeous! I love the super faded jean and nautical red stripes on you :)

Chérie said...

the jacket....just love!!!

Sunniva said...

You always look the very best, Lisa!

I just can't begin to tell you how much I love this outfit..so inspiring, chic and lovely!

Hope everything is well with your studying and everything else. Take care sweetie <3

Elena Abaroa said...

wow u are a real natural beauty, and I really appreciate it...Your hair is amazing under the ligth and your make up is just simple and perfect!!!Love your complicated and smart simplicity ;)

Maria said...

Look at her. That granny is hot!

I like the striped cardigan combined with the raybans. Lookin gooood :)

And those jeans! :O

And I must say that you look like a model on the post below. Lisa, you're so gorgeous <3


Maria said...

haha and yeah, good luck on with the triathlon thing. If it happens, take some snapshots, yeah? Haha :D

suis_aimée said...

(L) your outfit!!!!

lot of kissesss

Stompface said...

Sailors rock my world!
If it were possible for me to marry stripes, I would.

You are so so good at putting together these amazing outfits.

Everything about this is perfection!

Well done miss well done!


p.s your hair looks gorgeous!

♥ fashion chalet said...

You know how many celebrities get chosen from regular people to mimic a hairstyle or nose or even an outfit? Well, you'd be the #1 choice for clear skin options! :)

I love your striped top. Ahoy, lady! :)

♥/ fashion chalet

Mila said...

Dear Lisa,

Thanks for your sweet comment, as ever. You're very special and so sweet!
Everything will be okay...don't worry about me.
I don't want you to feel forced at ALL to add me on msn, so feel free please to tell me if you are too busy or just have too many people in your msn-list. It's okay dear!



Madeleine said...

Hi again sweetie.

Thank you so much once again for your lovely comment. I hope you're well, finals and all.

Yes I'm afraid I will crack too, so much good stuff to chose from. It's a bit crazy that I moved away.

Well, all roads leads (back!) to Rome..

Lots of love

geri said...

i love stripes, you look so beautiful!

meowmeow. said...

Me loves stripes too! i really want a sailor stripe petit bateau shirt a la kate lanphear and kate moss :)

french ghosts said...

i'm in love with this look!

Lisa said...

**** I AM FOREVER blown away by all of your sweetness!!!! If I could express my thanks to each one of you individually i would. JUST KNOW that in my heart i do. Each one. You have no IDEA how much it means. THANKS for BEING the inspiration. ****

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Zanita said...

wow babe im loving these looks with the loose jeans very nice. So hot. You must be a model right?

Fashion Is Poison said...

TAG! you're it :P

J'ai pas trouvé le titre said...

I love !

Anika said...

First time commenter here. You have a fantastic sense of style! Not sure what South Africa is like, but I grew up in Kenya and people looked at me like I was bonkers when I ventured anywhere dressed a little differently.

Love those pants, and you've got the height to pull them off fabulously!

Knight Cat said...

i have a picture for you ahha! i will post it up and it will make you stripe happy! watch ahah


WendyB said...


Merily said...

This cardigan looks super with those jeans.

Maya said...

so casual chic....I love your hair!
you have this look at perfection

Vintage Me New You said...

you have a great style:)this is my favourite outfit!the jeans are way too cool and they match the cardigan:)
your blog is really nice also:)

rachel said...

you look stunning! I like how your striped belt contrasts with the cardigan :)

♥ R

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