sunday garb.

This is what I trucked around in yesterday. Just some comfy basics. Plaid. check. skinnies. and some booties to make it somwhat elegant ? Simple but oh so functional. Just another day filled with random errands. laundry. studying. walking the dog. etc... Sorry if this is super flat.

I've been tagged by some gorgeous gals- ashleigh and marta . I still don't get these things, but I will try my hardest to comply. Instead of doing the normal cut and paste. I thought I would just give some of my replies.

If I had unlimited funds...what would I do/buy ?

Besides providing water for the whole of Africa, and ending world poverty which are dreadfully and painfully out of reach...

I would purchase a private jet so I can fly home to Canada ANYTIME, and anywhere else for that matter. Switzerland. Sweden. New York. Sydney. Greece. Paris. Egypt. Tokyo. Ukraine... my list goes on forever...

Some of my most recently played songs --- in no particular order...

Automatic Stop--- The Strokes

Shut Up and Let Me Go--- The Ting Tings

The Con--- Tegan and Sara

The Good That Won't Come Out--- Rilo Kiley

I Will Possess Your Heart--- Death Cab for Cutie

Electric Feel--- MGMT

Calendar Girl--- Stars
Thanks lovely ladies.

AND I MUST PUT IT OUT THERE. I'm sure you've been bombarded with the images of the ridiculously fierce Christophe of BALMAIN ...and I am refraining from posting it, as its everywhere. But I just had to release some of my obsessiveness.



jacket. UO. skirt. vintage. boots. JS. clutch. club monaco
I dream of Paris.

In my dream I was running to all of the most coveted Paris shows... then I woke up and sadly realized it would forever remain there...dancing through my nighttime visions. BUT that will never stop me from dreaming and I will hopefully make it to Paris. one day. soon.

I'm certain we share this mutual love. SO with Fashion Week starting today I am going to be, once again, distracted by the influx of inspirational editors. buyers. models and the clothes. oh lets not even get started on the collections...

So instead of running to the next show (allow me to dream...) I dressed all in black (norm. for the fashion folk) and pretended like I had somewhere important to be, but snapped out of my craziness and went to dinner with the BF.


oh yes.grey.

vest.h&m.cardigan.mens h&m.pants.UO.tank.steve and barrys.boots.vintage.

grey layers.

I truly don't think I will ever get sick of wearing all grey. So with my fanatical fixation in tow, I managed to layer as many grey articles as I could. I resisted adding my grey blaze., because looking like the "Michelin Man" in heels is never a pretty sight.

I came across these vintage suede's about a month ago. They are a tad awkward to me, but the store owner was a complete doll and gave me a ridiculous deal, therefore leaving without these babies would of been a crime. Complete bliss if these were a tad higher ( still coveting OVER the knee boots ), but for now these will tame my lusts.



top.aa. jeans. TH. shoes. ninewest. bag. marc by MJ.

the fold-down.
Wow 1990's hey? I remember doing this in Junior high, but it definitely wasn't cool then and IT most certainly isn't cool now.

I simply wanted to hide the little Tommy H. flag on the pocket, so I folded down the waist band. This took place mostly for disguise, but comfort certainly played a role. I wore this in the comfort of my own home for the better half of the morning, but was whisked away on a errand and remained "folded" all.darn.day. Weird looks. yes. but I can promise you I've never been more comfortable in jeans (goodbye waist band chaffing!!!)


photo cred. models.com

Thank you just doesn't cut it for me.

I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the love. support. comments and inspiration that you provide my blog with on a daily basis. You will never know how much it means. Truly.

I was given the " i love your blog" award from the beautiful
ashleigh , susanna-cole, and bronwyn and I feel beyond blessed. The words you spoke truly warmed my heart and I desperately wish I had the words to express my genuine gratitude.

I love you all, and truly admire each and every one of you. The passion that you share with me is such a gift, and is forever treasured.

kisses to ALL.



jacket.UO.shirt.woolies.belt.hang ten. jeans.mr price. booties.zoom


I hardly think I do the look justice. But upon viewing this look from rag & bone S/S 09 I was lured in... It was instant love and it swiftly became one of my favourite looks. Albeit its not groundbreaking, super special or crazy unique, but it was the crazy, edgy attitude that it oozed that allured me. Even upon wearing this to eat copious amounts of sushi yesterday, I felt tough. Like don't mess with me tough... I think it was the leather.black booties.and shirt buttoned up to the last button that showed others I meant business.

I definitely had all the ingredients just sitting in my closet and wonder why I did not think of this earlier ? BUT I guess we all need inspiration weather it comes from nature.art.the fashion world.all the AMAZING fashionable ladies around the globe. It surrounds us daily and is such a blessing to soak it up, use in our daily lives and portray the person we feel inside with it.


birthdays + urology.

dress.aa. jacket. UO. hoodie. jayjays. shoes. woolies.
wet hair + pasty legs. That's me. Just threw on something super simple, very quickly. I was running off to a couple's birthday party.
I seriously LOVE birthdays (not my own, really) BUT the act of celebrating such a beautiful & momentous day in someones life definately makes me all warm inside. Laughter. family. friends. balloons. cake. pictures---oh the joy. It's the one day we can claim as "ours" and I would seriously send out a million birthday cards if I could.

The couple are both Urologists... (boy do they have stories...some gross. some funny) SO it was a hoot. You would be surprised at the type of people we mingle with. The BF has one CRAZY job so I feel VERY out of place, most of the time !!!


bra ?

blazer. woolies. tank. aa. jeans. TH. belt. f21

bra-less aa . I am pretty sure 99% of you gals have this tri-blend racerback, and if you don't then you MUST.
I always choose to wear this sans bra, as it just asks for it.
AH bare feet. I love shoes more than anything, but who can deny the naturalness of your feet on the beach or frolicking through a grass filled park...
oh oh oh. FIRST EVER Topshop purchase made... yes. for online shopping + my beautiful friends who ship things across the ocean.



tee. joe. shorts. mr price. boots. zoom. scarf. edgars. sunglasses. persol

" I wanted to see girls under a different light - there were too many "pretty" trends last season". Alexander Wang
Pretty things have never really drawn me in. I am enticed by Wang's edgy but feminine, 1990's aesthetic and for me Balmain's rocker-chic dresses cannot be summed up in words... I am simply rendered speechless when I see an image of his collection.
" Women I know don't have patience for the limitations of red-carpet-type gowns- I want them to be as free in their evening clothes as they are in jeans and a T-shirt" Christophe Decarnin.
yes please. to both of these gentlemen.
For me to be able to sleep in my big white shirt and then wear it the next day... is something that I find oddly pleasurable. Throw on a pair of jean cut-offs... rockin' scarf...booties and I'm good to go.



shirt. yummy vintage plaid.
bare. style.
Although I am obsessed with beauty products + sephora, I'm not a make-up wearer. I have my few favourites which I love. love. love. but I honestly just bought one of my first real eyeshadows this summer, never color my hair (although I dream of something lighter...) and only own a comb. Huge bore. I know.
I had to take this picture for a little something - something on Saturday. Nothing major, but fun stuff !


take me there.

sweater. hong kong. jeans. levis. boots. zoom. blazer. mossimo
big cashmere sweater. Thanks to the bf.

I've turned into a very unproductive girl upon digesting the stimulating images taking forth on the runways. They scary thing is---this is ONLY the beginning... London... Milan then da-da-da Paris. I can only the imagine the sensory overload for the editors...buyers...fashionistas, jet-setting their gorgeous Chanel's and Prada's across the globe. AH something to dream about.


fashion week loves.

photo credits: style.com. the sartorialist. garance dore
A sliver of my favourite shots from the first few days.
these sum me up. i feel drawn to them.
allured by Karen Walker. Alexander Wang. Rag and Bone and those Chloe boots seem to be haunting me...
so darn inspiring...


crop style.

top.aa. pants. tracy reese. shoes. zoom. belt. vintage.

crop crop. I shyly pulled out my crop top. After seeing gala and rumi wear it flawlessly, it added to my apprehensiveness.
I had purchased it when I first got to New York (May) as it was scorching HOT. every. single. day. and came in very handy through the multitude of heatwaves. It was worn in Central Park a few times, but when I came back to Cape Town it was far too Arctic to rock it. To be honest it's one of the comfiest shirts in my possession. Albeit I still feel a tad reticent wearing it around our very reserved neighbourhood, BUT alas with summer coming I know I will get over it and wear it to its core.
These pants were another New York delight. They are Tracy Reese, which is where I interned this summer. They are fall 08 and I knew upon flipping through the look book I had to have them. They are ridiculously flared, slightly high waisted and the perfect length for killer sky highs. These will also be worn to threads.



jumper. aritzia. shorts. vintage. booties. zoom

cowichan. what? That's the name for this glorious jumper of mine. Although this is not an original ( those run from $300-$600) and are knit all in one piece by local women, my love still lingers. These sweaters are proudly Canadian and come from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. This detail adds that little bit of home for me, as I reside oceans away from my loves.
Another obsession of mine. These booties... I've been looking for a pair of black. suede anklets for years (yes years. along with over the knee suede's, which I have yet to find) and last week I came across these yummy. yummy. beauties ( Louboutin style )... at an OUTLET mall for a price that is ludicrous. Simply crazy I tell you. I still can't believe it. I knew they were out there for me. It just took years to find you.
***side note: Does anyone use or has anyone tried Creme de Le Mer ? I've heard about it for years and for some reason it intrigues me. Is it really that special + worth it ?


coffee ?

jacket. UO. shirt/belt. vintage. jeans. jay jays. purse. f21
okay. I am ashamed to admit but I have been living in these jeans...and the enticing thing is, they get even better when worn heaps without washing. What to do ? I also took the strap off my "Valentino-esq" bow purse/clutch. I thoroughly enjoyed carried it bow-style.
We were just coming back from the Homemaker's Expo which is always a persuasive showcasing of insane new products ( hello plasma fireplace). I had WAY too much caffeine in me from all the espresso machine booths. Weird thing is I am NOT a coffee drinker. But these deluxe coffees are something else...when my lips touched the "crema" I was whisked away to a small Parisian cafe. The machine had converted me. Needless to say, we were sold and came home with the most luscious Swiss coffee/espresso machine I've ever seen. Coffee anyone ?