turkish love.


The BF's folks just returned from Istanbul with this gorgeously delicate scarf. Could I ever deny such a gift ? They travel like you would not believe. This year alone they have been to California. Turkey. China. Ireland. and are headed to Switzerland and Paris in December. WHAT?

They make me insanely jealous every time they prepare to jet-set. His dad is a Prof of Orthopaedic surgery and sits on some crazy, special board. So they get invited to all these congresses around the world, pretty neat, hey ?

With all the travelling, and while his dad is off at the congress, his mom shops her big heart out AND ALWAYS comes home bearing gifts. ALWAYS.

So while the wind howls and the rain falls incessantly...it was a perfect day for my new Turkish scarf.


The Clothes Horse said...

That is a very chic outfit. I adore the boots especially. I love to travel, so I get very jealous whenever anyone can do more than me--even students here in Greece have more funds and time to do more traveling than me...but I suppose I shouldn't be so quick to compare and just appreciate what I have.

Anthea said...

Adorable :) It's nice they think of you! That's one good thing about being a professor! You get to travel a lot for conferences !

Emily said...

i absolutely love stormy weather like you described, but can never manage to dress appropriately. i love your combination of black, blue and white and that beautiful scarf really pulls the whole look together.

Mimi said...

The outfit is absolutely my taste. I've so many nearly similar things.
My sister also brought me a few of these colorful scarves from Syria. I love them.They can make a boring outfit look awesome.

♥ fashion chalet said...

You look incredible. I have been looking everywhere for knee high boots. Yours are TDF! ♥

Love the second photo of you "peeking" out. So pretty. :)

xo/ fashion chalet

Fashionistadiary said...

you should travel with them ;) beautiful scarf! i need to invest in another one.. i do have quite a few, but i think you can never have to many scarves to accessorise xo

Miss V. said...

OMG I wish I could go travelling :( Ah well, I guess I'm stuck in dreary grey england for the time being. Lovely outfit, I love the boots.

Siska said...

cute look!

Susanna-Cole said...

Hm, do you think your bf's folks would mind if I tagged along on all their amazing travels? Really, I can squeeze into a suitcase if needed! :D

Away that scarf is beautiful! I love the way you've worn it and your outfit is amazing and so inspriational, as always! I think your blog needs a little note that says, Warning: endless inspiration, readers may get lost in all the goodness!

Cause that's what happens to me! :D Not that I mind... ;)

Aw well I think you ARE like a rainbow! Though perhaps even more delightful! :)

And oh my goodness, I love water too! Best. Drink. Ever.

Have a lovely day, love ya too! :)


STEFANIE said...

LOVE the scarf! You paired it well with your outfit ^-^ I like your blazer too, I've been looking for a shrunken blue blazer like yours!
I wish I could travel as much as your BF parents. That would be funnn ^-^

ryder said...

and it is a perfect day for your balenciaga look.
your look remindes me on balenciaga look that they presented last year i think...
my favourite balenciaga show by the way.
im wearing scarf myself of course :) but unfortunately i do not ahve a cool turkish one but miss selfridge one, massive production.
that is just a proof that i should have studied medicine!

Jillian said...



J'Adore Fashion said...

lovely boots :)

Wendy said...

I'm getting such a cool nautical feel from your outfit.


Loving all the right propotions which is hard to do sometimes...Thank you for your kind words dear & hope to hear fm you again...

Laurel said...

Oh my goodness, what a stunning combo of layers and pattern. You look so gorgeous babe! I promise you an email back by Friday! Keep an eye on that inbox, bb! :)

bronwyn said...

Another kick ass outfit, I am so loving stripes at the moment....hope your weather improves, we could do with some CT rain in Joburg, it's been so hot and dry and dusty here!

Sunniva said...

aww it's so sweet of your bf's mother to buy you gifts..especially when it seems like she has amazing taste. love that scarf so much!

and I am stunned by your outfit..it's so very nice! Every time I come here I always feel so inspired. Thank you sweetie!

Eelie said...

lol you are very much welcome :) And yes i DID have quite a lovely day haha. Hope yours went alright to.

Isn't it the best when you know friends/family who travel and are lovely enoughto bring back pressies. Better if you can go yourself haha but sadly that doesn't happen all to often these days :(

You look very chic here. I really like you rknee highs :)

Mireia* said...

Your by is so sweet and has a great taste, you can be proud! ;)
This outfit is pretty much my taste, I love it!!


Sharlo said...

love it.
i really love ur blog. i just discovered it now.
lover dover too

Jenn said...

I'm sure the gifts are amazing! The scarf is beautiful!

JoJiK said...

I'm writing from Türkiye:)
Suprize for me Turkish Love:))
Lovely boot ı love it.
And look very beautifull

Alice Point said...

I love navy blazers! It looks great with your turkish scarf! Very nice outfit:)

lev_i_mote said...

love the outfit :)


Couture Carrie said...

What a lovely gift! Love the boots too, and how you combined black and navy - perf.


Gala said...

thanksss you look like you have mega long legs

Knight Cat said...

wow he is so lucky! i have a friend like that too, her parents hook her up with all these trips, he should take you with him! i would be so jeaolous, but you look amazing! turkish scarves are the best, i have some too. i love istanbul!


Ashleigh said...

Great little jacket! Its gettiong colder so soon I will need to make the best use of all my tights, wooley sweaters, and jackets!

Taghrid said...

LOVE this outfit! the boots are delicous!

Chic Looks said...

you've got great style and the blazer in this outfit is superb

saray said...

turkey is great - for some reason i always but scarves there.


beautiful scarf
very chic
and i adore that blazer

Jenny Cindy said...

I'm totally loving the boots. I really need to get my hands on a pair of hot over-knee boots even though I'm a bit afraid of them makin my short legs appear even shorter =P

Susanna-Cole said...

No usage of "model" and "inspirational"?! Hey... did I say you look like a model and are so inspirational, and inspirational like a model, with model-like inspiration, a role model, and a model inspiration, who's really inspiring ... Oh wait? Was I not supposed to use those words? What can I say? Short term memory loss! Haha, kidding! ;) I don't think I can stop completely, but I'll try not to use those words QUITE as many times as above! :P

Aw, please, you're so sweet you leave me practically speechless half the time (and trust me, me and speechlessness is a VERY rare combo :P Even if I don't always say it, I almost ALWAYS have something to say!)

And thanks for the hair advice (and compliment, so sweet!) :) And one of my friends suggested, clip-in extensions or something, perhaps if I do this color thing, I'll try that, maybe it won't look quite as real, but then I can just take them out when I want and don't have to wear them long if I don't. And oh boy, me and bangs... we've had an on and off again relationship for my whole life! But you're making me want to maybe try bangs again... which after I will probably grow them out again! Story of my life! haha

Anyway, hope you're having a lovely morning or afternoon or night by beautiful friend! :)


Susanna-Cole said...

*As I clicked that, I realized I said "by beautiful friend" not "my beautiful friend"... I tend to do that by/my typo a lot. Sorry! :P


Nature Grafitti said...

such a chic outfit
and the scarf is perfection!!

p.s. - trade links?

ashleigh said...

perfect perfect! i love your new scarf. and i love the boys parents. they sound so lovely! i'm way too jealous. i wish someone would come bearing gifts for me. i have a gift for you my friend. posting it on monday :) are you excited? i'm pretty sure you should be!

you look perfect as always. i loveee your blazer, your stripes, you boots. and you look adorable in the second photo!

Stompface said...

I love that blazer!

Just wanted to say, I'm glad you are heading into summer too! So many blogs are going into fall and winter and then I start wanting all their clothes, but it will be hot and its good to have some summer blogs to browse, to keep me on track.

S said...

gorgeous look altogether, and the scarf IS beautiful. Lucky bf's parents indeed!

P.S. Why do I not have you on my blog roll? So weird, an oversight I suppose...you're on now :)

Mila said...

Woooow girl, such an amazing outfit! <3
The blazer and boots are so amazing..
YOU are lovely!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you! :)

I love reading what you always have to say, dear.

I have the box set, too. And 3 of her books, among other things... LOVE doesn't begin to describe how much I adore her.

xo/ fashion chalet

rachel said...

I love how the scarf brings worldly charm to your nautical outfit! My parents are also doctors and they travel a lot too, my dad is the sweetest and goes around hunting things for me (I give him a list, haha). Your bf's parents are so sweet to bring you back stuff! Aren't you lucky ;)

Lisa said...


your words shine a ray of light upon my life. I know it might not seem like a big deal to you...but its such a blessing to share my passion with you. SO thank you.

sorry I couldn't respond to all te comments! I have begun the 5 dreaded weeks of finals. ahhhh!!!!!

love love love you ALL.

Snowshoe said...

very lovely. i'm so jealous of all the traveling it sounds like they do! if i could make it out of the country once a year i'd be a happy camper. i especially love the new scarf with the blazer. i love the buttons!

kitty kate said...

you dress so cool!

Miranda said...

this is such a chic outfit
love it!
and i wish i could travel that often!

Joanna Goddard said...

i ADORE this look. you are so gorgeous!

joanna from glamour

styleexpress said...

Love it! I actually just came back from Turkey a few days ago and got some amazing things!!

ed said...







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