night owl.

night owl.
So after a crazy week of exams. I had to escape into the night...
Well not exactly. More like going to the movies, downing the largest popcorn they had, and hopping into bed at 11. I am a true grandma at heart. I promise you.
The miu miu has not left my side since it arrived. I even stashed my water bottle in one of the zipper compartments (love these) and a towel in the next, and skipped with glee to Pilate's.
So I have never worn or owned a pair of leggings before. crazy? But I am seeing them everywhere, and every time I do I think they look fabulous. absolutely fabulous. Especially the matte aa's.
I might just be lured in...


Couture Carrie said...

You look modelicious, Lisa! Love the wedge sandals and the blazer! Can't wait to see you in the matte AAs!


Eli said...

The bag and your red nails provide a nice pop! in your outfit.

Ashleigh said...

you look GORGEOUS in these pics...BF is a lucky guy.. hope he's reading these comments :P...xx...yes and eBay can be a problem..there was a time when I was surfin' it constantly placing bids left, right, center...I try to stay away from it...haha

Laurel said...


I love that blazer with red nails, so hot. I totally forgot to ask you about the Miu Miu in my email! I need that bag, the color is so perfect for fall - wantwantwant!

Lub you, bb. You look absolutely stunning!!

Susanna-Cole said...

Dear Lisa,

By the way, before I get on the rambling train (which frequent a lot! :P) I have a question I've been meaning to ask since I first visited your blog (my memory isn't that bad, I just blame the fact that your entries are so good that by the time I ever get to commenting, I forget all about my question... until now... cause I wrote myself a note haha): The "Leese" part of your blog title, is that like a nickname short for Lisa? I imagine if you shortened Lisa and spelled it "Lis" then people would probably sound it out "lis" like the beginning of the word "list" and not like "Leese" as in short for Lisa. At least that's what I'm guessing, but please could you please tell me if I'm wrong? :P

Anyway, now to your blog entry:

I love this look, I'd call it Corporate Rebel... the blazer gives me kind of a business vibe, except your version is like the runway version. Like the girl who just said "no!" to the boring business suit and paired her gray blazer with her favorite worn in jeans, and a killer pair of heels and bag! :D

Am I making any sense? Hope you sort of kind of get what I was trying to say there! :P

By the way, I looked up "inspiring" and "inspire" in the thesaurus and they had no suggestion! Well, guess you're just stuck with me saying, "inspiring" after all! :D

And to the rest of your comment: awww... you make my heart melt! Luckily that's just a figure of speech or else after all your kind words, I would have died a long time ago from a melted heart. :P

And aw, shucks, (to recycle a word from like the 80's I think), I seriously doubt that was the best blog post ever (an impossible feat really ;)) but I am ever so flattered and touched that you could even think it's is!

And aw, Apartheid is awful. I'm not going to lie, I actually had to look up "Apartheid" in the dictionary, but I'm glad I could be aware of it now thanks to you. Even though hearing of awful things isn't exactly to enjoy, it does bring awareness and shed light on things that need to be stopped!

Anyway hope you're Saturday has been lovely! (I know you're a good bit ahead of us in time, so it's already probably late on Saturday... I think...) God bless you! :)


My name is Bibi said...

you're so cool!


Petra said...

I completely know what you mean about leggings. I have never worn any either, but am seriously considering getting the wet-look AA ones...

Love love what you're wearing here! Completely stunning!

Julien said...

okay, so you are gorgeous
and your bag is gorgeous

take some ugly pills, please ;)

Dana (MODAna) said...

do it, take the plunge into leggings

STEFANIE said...

another great outfit :) You look absolutely great on EVERY post you do! Seriously, if I could dress like you... And I'm still in love with the miu miu bag! ^-^

ryder said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ryder said...

ok, this will sound crazy but i have the same blazer... but from zara. for real!!! i just got it, think 2 weeks ago. and i adore it.

Jillian said...

i love leggings, i think you should go for it hun!

let me just say that blazer is so STUNNING! How do you do it? You always have a totally original look everytime I am on here!

So glad your exams are over! You must feel completely relieved! Hope you have a really enjoyable weekend my dear!

Oh and let me know if you got that lookbook! I hope you enjoy it, I definitely did. The photos are so hot! I was so honored that they even shared it with me! I'm not sure I am supposed to pass it around so shhh! haha

<3 have a lovely evening bb!

ashleigh said...

gorgeous lady. another perfect outfit. i'm love love loving those jeans too!

so jealous of that bag i can't even comment on it. i want it in the black so bad but you've really turned me with this color it's gorgeous!

hope you're not stressing too much my dear, how is everything going anyway? you all okay? staying healthy?

yes yes get the leggings. you're legs will looking more than amazing with them :) and they're so damn comfy!

Anonymous said...

oooh that miumiu bag! =)

Stompface said...

Well. I do believe that I am in love with these photos. They are stunning. You surrounded in the black background is perfect.

Love the cuffs on that blazer.

oh and hurray for zipper compartments! I love those too.

Eelie said...

Yay for 80's lovas!!!

I've got my fingers crossed for your results. I'm sure you did yourself justice though! :)

Get the leggings! Get the leggings! You're taught enought to pull them off lol. Seriously hehe


Love your blog Lisa...
You are so stylish..I¨ve read your story with th F** cancer and I was thinking that u are a strong girl!!!!
All my love for u Lisa.!!!!!!!
See u!

Kat said...

the second pic is very beautiful, the whole attitude is great.

Fashionistadiary said...

oh wow! you look fantastic lisa!! i have a pair of matte aa leggings and i love them!!! theyre so comfortable.

Merily said...

That bag looks SO classy and neat.

stellawantstodie said...

no exams??? lucky girl!!!

I love your jacket!

yiqin; said...

The scenery is beautiful :) You look great!

Jagucha said...

my favourte is jacket thats the great colour I really like! not to bright not to dark- excelent for jacket all oufit is classic but cool (like yopur bag)! bravo!

Maria said...

I don't know how many times I've already said it/or going to say this - but you are the best :D
You're truuly the sweetest and I'm so glad I've got the chance to know such an unique and caring person! Anyway, I think we need to calm down now, this conversation keeps repeating itself, haha :D

I think you should go for the aa leggings! They're extremely versatile, you'll begin to wonder how you managed without!

And yum, I'm so jealous of your miu miu bag!


WendyB said...

Nice wedges!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

gosh i love your trousers! they look awesome with the wedges and blazer

going to bed at 11 is good we got to have the beauty sleep

Lisa said...

*cc*: you're forever sweet.

*ashleigh*: thanks looooove. yes ebay is a scary, scary place.

*laurel*: love you!!!!!!

*s-c*: speechless.
messaged you back. :)

* petra*: i know hey? i love them and see them on everyone else and think i will never be able to pull them off. But I think we must take the plunge :) thanks girl.

*julien*: he he. you're too funny + sweet.

*stefanie*: you're ridiculously sweeeeet. thank you.

*ryder*: we weren't meant to be!!!

*jillian*: ah your the sweetest. I don't know what to say! messaged you ;)

*ashleigh*: let me count the ways that i love you! thank you never seems to do my gratitude justice. hmmm you rock the leggings SO well. I don't know... i have them in my virtual shopping bag ( he he ) all i have to do is click....ahhhhhhh.....

*stompface*: thanks my dear! zippers are yummmmmy.

*eelie*: you make me smile everytime! thanks girl. hmmm maybe i will get them but wear them in the comforts of my house :)

*vintage moi*: thank you SO much. it means the world to me!

*fashionistadiary*: thanks kathrin! I am mighty tempted.

*maria*: ahhhhhhh what to say what to say! okay now i really am speechless so i don't have anything to say but i love you! You've truly touched my heart.

***thanks for every single word ladies *** you are all the best!!!!!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

i love you in this outfit
favorite one so far, wow!

great shoes, doll ;)

xo/ fashion chalet

Fashion Is Poison said...

gorgeous my lady!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

You look stunning ... and the purse is amazing :) I am so with you on the leggings, I've never bought a pair or worn outside of my ballet class... I feel naked in legging :)

Mel said...

gosh, you look so stunning! model, already hehe! love everything that you wear, i want to raid your wardrobe haha.

ps: i shall take pics of the prada bag and post some time soon! hehe but i love your miu miu, the colour is soo lovely. hope finals went well :) xx

J'ai pas trouvé le titre said...

Very classe ! I love !

Caroline said...

lllllliiisa that bag is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

pretty pictures, I love the fit of the jeans on you.... a tad bit loose!

Mireia* said...

You have to buy a pair of leggings, seriously, you have the right legs to wear them!

sofie said...

wow the pictures look stunning! :)

Jenny Cindy said...

Wonderful pictures - you look very pretty!!

Great outfit, I love those rolled up jeans with the heels - absolutely fabulous.

Miss at la Playa said...

that shirt is absolutely amazing! I love your pics.

Btw, thanks for your lovely comments :)

quang ba web said...

Genius--- y-s x

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