Dirtty Glam.
Wow. I feel so blessed.
When the AMAZING Alie, editor in chief of the Parisian Dirrtyglam e-mailed me about "la bloggeuse du mois" (blogger of the month) my heart melted.
You can find the interview HERE. GO TO PAGE 95!
Words cannot express my graciousness.
***Translation: (yikes, It is quite long. Please don't feel obliged to read it:) )***
Briefly introduce yourself.
My name is Lisa Holowaychuk, I’m 23 and live in Cape Town, South Africa. It was quite the journey that brought me here, but to sum it up in one word: love. I’ve been here for almost 4 years, but still claim Canada as my roots. I started studying Social Work and was about to finish my degree, when at the end of last year realized I was not fully pursuing my passion; fashion. Therefore I changed directions, followed my heart and went full speed ahead. I am now studying Consumer Science with Specialization in Clothing Management with the hopes of styling in the near future.
When did you first start blogging?
I started at the end of August after following a plethora of blogs for months! It was my internship in New York, this past summer, which provided me with the inspiration to pursue my own.
How would you define your style?
I really don’t think I have a definite style, or if I do I don’t know what to call it. I’m really bad with putting something in a box, although I am constantly drawn to masculine pieces. Their cut, the freedom they possess and their strange ability to instill strength in me. So I guess to sum it up, I would say I’m one part masculine, one part feminine, mixed in with a whole lot of me!
What can we find in your closet?
Heaps of simple basics (American apparel), denims- skinnies and boyfriend style (which I adore), above the knee skirts, an obscene amount of denim shorts, grey cropped hoodies, tailored black pants, blazers, vintage rocker tees, plaid shirts, leather jackets and skirts and heaps of stolen button-ups from my boyfriend.
A fashion piece that every girl should own?
Two black leather jackets. One short, shrunken one for summer/evening wear and the other a tad roomier so more bulk can be added underneath, during the winter months.
Who’s your fashion icon and why?
WOW, I simply cannot narrow it down to one, so here are my tops: Natasha Poly, Véronique Didry, James Dean, Clémence Poésy and of course my ultimate style icon- Emmanuelle Alt. They all possess/possessed true beauty and passion which is a constant inspiration. I’m drawn to each one during different periods of my life. As my ever-changing emotions develop and the personal growth of my inner self ensues I look towards these individuals for that little bit of spark to propel me forwards.
What’s your most recent purchase?
A pair of killer Topshop booties, Michael Kor “slicker” boots, Ray Ban Clubmasters, my first pair of leggings and silver/black metallic pants.
Which character from a movie had the best style?
I truly don’t think anyone can beat the utter class and elegance of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. I think her character still possesses a touch of magic, as it continues to inspire females around the globe.
Also being a self-professed 80’s junkie, I can’t help but love Molly Ringwald in her countless array of 80’s features; most notably Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles.
What is going to be your fall/winter essential or trend?
Items on my list: long leather gloves, a green military parka, black buckle Frye’s, big chunky 80’s ski sweaters, a faux-fur hat, suede ankle booties, acid wash denim skirt, a chunky black watch and a massive knit scarf.
Your view on the Paris Fashion Week?
Paris fashion week for me is enchanting, alluring and exudes a passion that is un-definable. It’s not only about top designers, the next trend, or who is sitting in the front row. It is the blood, sweat and tears that go into each item that makes its way down the glorious, Parisian catwalk. The passion that these designers and their teams posses, is what inspires me. All of this being showcased in one of the most beautiful cities of the world just adds to the greatness that envelops this sparkling event.
I’m also terribly obsessed with Paris street style, not only during Fashion Week, but 365 days of the year!
What are your daily blogs?
Oh my, it is a mission to name them all, and I don’t want to leave anyone out, because I think all of the bloggers are amazing and so special in their own unique way. It’s truly inspiring to see so many stylish individuals share, support and inspire each other. But some of my daily’s which I’ve followed from the start include:
iamashleigh, karlascloset, Knightcat, mydailystyle, becauseimaddicted, girlmeetsnyc, starbucksandjaneausten, insideam-lulscloset, itsherfactory, fashiontoast, vanillascented, fashionchalet, childhoodflames and ponyryder. Ah, I hate leaving people out!
What’s on your iPod right now?
I would not be able to function without music, on my playlist: Stars, Bloc Party, Tegan and Sara, The Strokes, MGMT, Metric, Sufjan Stevens, Bryan Adams, 80’s tunes, Arcade Fire, Matt Redman… the list goes on and on.


Abbey at MilkChildren said...

Oh you lucky lucky thing :)
your blog deserves it xo

Lorraine said...
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Lorraine said...
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ryder said...

i am so proud of you!!! you totally rock!!!

this is so exciting. i just found it, page 95 - 96.

going to read it now...

ryder said...

you mentioned me... lisa, that is so nice of you, thank you so much.

im incredibly proud. i have no words.

Dana (MODAna) said...

I'm so proud of you!

WendyB said...


Fashion Fille said...

congrats! you totally deserve it. i can't read it, but i read some of lorraine's translation- sounds great!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

quite amazing to get recognition like that !

masha said...

congratulations! congratulations! you deserve it :)

STEFANIE said...

LISAA! I was JUST reading Dirrty Glam when I saw your article!! Congrats! I loved reading it. Wow I'm so happy for you ^-^ But you really deserve it, you have SO much style!

SICK. said...

congratulations !!
you're amazing.
i can translate for you, if you like.

ps; has anyone ever told you that you look like a calvin klein or jil sander model when your hair is pulled back slick & tight ? it's true.


Mimi said...

Ohhh that's neat my dearest.You totally deserve and I feel so happy for you.

Congrats ♥

$ouLphate said...

that's so cool! congratz ^^

makemoremistakes said...

You are gorgeous and make me smile!! And you are very very welcome for the award- I do love love love your blog, and you of course!!

I hope you are well, lovely!

x's and o's

makemoremistakes said...

oh also! congratulations for being featured!! that is so cool.

George said...

awww i love!

i will have to take time to read it all i just skimmed but i will get to it my love

i hope you're having a wonderful weekend
*hugs & kisses*

lev_i_mote said...



The Stylish Wanderer said...


Madeleine said...

Hello oh pretty one :)

Congrats on the interview, so cool!

And thanx for your sweet words, I can only say the same to you, I really love your style so very much. I'm so happy indeed that you left me a comment so I could discover your lovely blog. Living in SA sounds amazing. Lots of love xx

Stompface said...

oh sweet interview.

you are lovely!

Petra said...

Congratulations! You completely deserve it! How exciting!!

Lovely interview, beautiful pictures x

Little Miss Dress Up said...

wow! congratulations :D

ashleigh said...

oh my dear, i haven't seen such a wonderful and interesting interview!


this is so wonderful :)!!!

you have so much more to you than simply good dress sense and naturally killer beauty.

i loved reading this! i was smiling the whole time. congratulations! i couldn't think of anyone who deserves it more.

thank you so much for the shout out my dear!

ahh. you're way too amazing.

thesearchforchic said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. =)

I love these answers... I feel we share some of the same view points.

Take care!! =)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Darling ..... CONGRATULATION :)

YOU so deserve it :) and the interview is sooo sweet....

Lisa said...

*** THANKS BEAUTIES, NOT ONLY FOR THE BEAUTIFUL WORDS, but for the inspiration. Truly. You're all amazing ***

saray said...

the interview is great =)

Dana (MODAna) said...

ooh you added a translation! awesome-o. I read it before though.
I love your blog so much as of late, I've tagged you

iphone said...

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Your Blog very beautiful!
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Capuccino B. said...

awwwwww congratulations!!!

Susanna-Cole said...

Awww congrats my dear on being featured! You so deserve it, cause you, your blog and your style are oh so so so amazing! Fantastic interview (I read it all! ;)) and I was felt so special when you mentioned my blog, you're too sweet, and I'm so flattered you like my blog, because well as you said there's a LOT of amazing blogs out there! ;)

And ah, we always seem to leave each other with the problem of having no words of thanks, because really you are sooo kind, most the time I am speechless and can't think of what to say in return to such complete kindness! And since you were complimenting on the topic of humility and confidence, I must say though, I think you are one of the rare people whom I know who really seems to possess both a confidence and complete humbleness as well, and I really admire that :)

Anyway I better go, I'm typing with my eyes closed now because I'm so tired, and well, I'm thinking blind typing might not be the best way to go! :P Hope you're have a fantabulous (not a word, I know :P) weekend... or end of weekend! ;)


geri said...

So cool!!! I feel so honored that you mentioned my blog!!

Stompface said...

Thanks for your sweet as pie comments little lady.

Is that access database you are learning? Yeah that program is pretty crazy. I don't understand it really, but use it a little bit.

Oh and no on the swimwear front. Well I spent all Saturday searching boutique after boutique for bathers. But no luck. Perth has nothing seriously. It makes me cry. I really want a one piece zimmermann, or the one piece by one teaspoon, that's all wild and tie dyed.

Oh well.

Have an amazing week.

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh congrat...

Wendy said...

Congrats Lisa! You so deserve it!

Jenny H. said...

aww good job!
you def deserve this!
and you call me a star? you are definitely the star around here!

and thanks so much for your cute comments.
i always love getting them!

Mireia* said...

Oh Lisa, I'm o excited for you!!!
I have read the whole interview, it's so funny to know more about you. I have to say a big THANK YOU for mentioning me, you know your blog is one of the few I visit nearly everyday (thanks bloglovin!)
You are amazing. You totally deserve this feature!

Anthea said...

Great interview and love your blog :) Congrats !

Angela said...

1st off: I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

2nd off, wow I never knew south africa was so beautiful! I thought it was all just buildings but where you live is truly outstandingly gorgeous.

3rd- you MUST show a close up of that MIU MIU bag!! Especially the interior!! I wanna see those zippers!


Fashion Is Poison said...

great job! <3

Maria said...

I'm so so proud of you, congrats!! The interview and the pictures - it all turned out great. I hope a lot of people visit your blog now, which they will, beacuse your blog is not worth missing!

Thank you so much for mentioning me by the way.


S said...

Great interview, and well deserved feature!
Hope you had a marvellous weekend :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Great article to read.

GREAT PICK. So glad you were chosen, you deserve it!! :)

xo/ fashion chalet

Fashion Is Poison said...

i just cleaned up my blog...sort of. and you made it to my dailies! :D

knight-cat said...

ay darling!

it was so nice to read this, i love learning about you. your so amazing, i love all your answers, esp. the leather jacket one. you know i have five in my closet? and they are all black...also thank you for mentioning my blog. yours in one of my top favorites, it was so sweet of youuuuuu


♥ fashion chalet said...

you mentioned me? aw! thank you, love. :)

xo/ fashion chalet

Nothing Elegant said...

Congrats!! You deserve it ;)

Zanita said...

We love all the same music! sufjan, mgmt, bloc party, strokes, tegan and sara... im really liking hercules and love affair lately too. I bet i could give you heaps more great stuff to look up if you were interested?
zanita x

Anonymous said...

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