saturday night fever.


I was definitely in a 80's mood when I chucked these socks on.
OH tags. You little things.
Thanks to S , Dana and Angela for the wonderful tags. You girls rock.
6 quirky/unknown facts
1. I'm Ukrainian.
2. I live in a city with some of the world's best beaches and I'm deathly afraid of the ocean. Its just too scary down there...plus we have one of the highest rates of great white attacks.
3. I was a dancer for 18 years. Upon graduating high school I went and danced on a cruise ship. Fell in love and that's how I ended up here...love boat ;)
4. I went into Social Work as I can't help but put myself in everybody else's "shoes". I have a passion for helping and my empathy factor runs deep. I truly feel the pain of others...and knew I could not proceed any further in my studies for the sake of my sanity.
5. I can only sleep on my stomach.
6. I am the biggest grandma/nerd you will ever meet. Sometimes I swear I have a 75 year old woman living inside of me. I love reading. baths. can't stay up late. wake up early. love to power walk. addicted to tea. have never been into clubbing... I could go on... :)



Lovely girl....
Kisses from spain!

D.Perfecta said...

Every week I choose 3 bloggers and readers vote for the best dressed one. This week you're one of the candidates. Good luck! ;)

Mel said...

hi darling!

I LOVE THIS LOOK! you look like a gorg ballerina with hot style! totally envious hehe.

ps: high five to dancer. wow for 18years....that's amazingly long!!

ps: your hair is soo beautiful! xx

July Stars said...

It's always nice to learn a little more about your favourite bloggers! I didn't realize that you are Ukrainian, for some reason I was under the impression that you were from Canada ... Duh ... Where did I get that from?

Stompface said...

Oh your quirky facts were so cute!
I love that your a grandma/nerd I am like that most of the time too!

Wild black and white photos! You look hot town.

oL said...

I´m absolutly exited to find your blog! is really good, funny and inspiring!!


Dana (MODAna) said...

hahah you granny! I am the opposite - gotta sleep late, can't wake up early
and I too am afraid of the ocean!! Why don't ppl understand it's so creepy, it's so deep and you never know what's down there!!!!
plus the "sea monsters" movie I saw this year about killer fish (not sharks and whales, just little evil fish that kill!) didn't help

The Clothes Horse said...

Your outfit is very 80s in a good way.
Plus, your quirks are so endearing! Number 3 is postively heart-warming, a bit surreal really.
I can really see your social work/empathetic self in your comments and your blog. It's wonderful how a person's personality can really show in their writing.

Caroline said...

darrrrlinggg congrats on dirrty glam! quite fabulous. :)

Emily said...

prior to reading your quirks, i knew we had a lot in common...but after seeing numbers 5 & 6, it's almost eerie!

Mimi said...

Now this is a simple and cool look.
stunning pic could be in the GLAMOUR.

Maria said...

The best of the 80's. Yeah.

You're so beautiful in this picture and you look chic as always! I don't have to tell you that ;) I think chicness runs in your blood, yes? Hehe :) It was interesting reading the facts about you! Ah, maybe you'll show us some dancemoves sometimes? Hehe.


Snowshoe said...

First of all, congrats on the dirtyglam feature! So cool. Secondly, you look amazing... those boots are perfect.

meowmeow. said...

you sleep on your stomach! i never have tried! so, i really like these jeans, are they acid wash?? also does jj stand for joe's jeans?

S said...

those jeans are fantastic! There's something very Balmain about them.
LOOOVVEE your answers :)

stilettostetico said...

And YES, a "saturday night fever" with the ethereal grace of a ballet-dancer !!!!!
ps: The black § white effect sublimates your delicate curves, in an electrifying way . . .

A Bientôt, Antoine

ryder said...

very brave sock experience. so 80'. but my heart goes to the shirt.
funny way u sleep. :)

man can totaly tell that you are/were a dancer by the way you pose.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Insanely gorgeous. You photograph so well with black and white film. So beautiful!

I'll join you, Grandma, I'm the exact same way. I hate clubbing. lol. And tea with Jeopardy? A favorite! ;)

xo/ fashion chalet

escritora said...

fabulous... and very 80s ;)
i love your boots :)

...love Maegan said...

cute...loving the socks...definitely thinking about socks and booties lately ...adorable!

Mireia* said...

You were a dancer... that explains your amazing legs!
I have loved the point 6. That is exactly how I feel now!
By the way, I have seen you there: http://www.donaperfecta.blogspot.com/
You can imagine where my vote has gone... ;)


Krystal said...

I loveee this photo, and the look of course! and yes! peace and freedom to all! Thank you!!

Hot Bot said...

Wonderful blog :) And yay for dancers! I've been dancing since I was four, and I'm still going. I love it.

Petra said...

You are so stunning! This photo is truly amazing!

Love the facts about you too, they're so sweet! Its so sweet that you fell in love on a cruise ship, how perfect! And it's good to know there's another underage granny out there :)

Thanks you for your lovely lovely comments x

Madeleine said...

Hi dear you are such a sweetie, I don't have words!!!:)

Your jeans are fabulous!!

And what a cute post! 2,4,6; we have a lot in common.

I'm ridiculously afraid of the ocean and sharks. Even though in Norway we dont even have them. But one can never know right?!!:P Way too empathetic for my own good, and I've also got the grandma syndrome.. Haha that sounded so much more charming when you wrote it ;)

Oh, about the RZ Project, I've only seen a few episodes, but I like it, so when you've got some time to kill..:)

I had a good weekend thank you darling.. I hope yours was great tooo:)
Good luck with your exams!!
Lots of love xx

Madeleine said...

By the way I'm going ad you to my links right now, your blog is now a daily read gorgeous:) xx

stellawantstodie said...

Your look is like "flashdance"
nice outfit!

The Stylish Wanderer said...


belle.chantelle said...

You look stunning, and aesthetically clean & put together.

Eelie said...

Oh, how wonderful to hear of these quirks. I can relate to some of them especially 4 and 6 (i swore my mannerisms were telepathically transmitted to yonder) lol.

You made me laugh when i read that i'd made you laugh haha. I'm glad it did although i wouldn't've begrudged you if you'd mentioned that it was completely stupid teehee.

You have such a wonderful heart. I can feel it from your words.

Keep safe and i wish you the best for your exams :)

ryan manning said...

ultimately life-affirming

Anabel said...

how can you be sooooooooo GORGOUS???????

knight-cat said...

your so beautiful! no lie, amazing.

you know i think we are a lot alike, we shall meet up one day!!


Mireia* said...

You're welcome!
I've just said what I think: I love your style because you are so effortless and I don't have the feeling you are trying too hard like other bloggers do. I mean, I also like them, but this point confusses me sometimes... Great outfits for everyday, simple and comfortable.

And yes, my baby is growing sooo fast. At this time I've blown up like a baloon!

Susanna-Cole said...

Your outfit is ammmmazzing! Totally giving me "Saturday Night Fever" love that late 70's look, love that this is effortlessly so.. ah, I want to say, cool, but I feel like there MUST be a better word than "cool" because "cool" is generic and you are anything BUT generic! ;)

And word count limit... hm, I have to tell you, I think I'd be rubbish at that because not only does Blogger not provide a "word count" feature (would be handy though!) but I type so fast, I can rack up a hefty word count without even knowing! :P But I'll try to limit myself... don't want to talk your ear off! ;)

And aw, glad to hear you live foremost for God, so do I, or at least I'm trying... sometimes it's hard to do, and sometimes I think I am, and realize I'm just kidding myself! :P

Anyway hope you're having a lovely day!


Couture Carrie said...

Greetings lovely Leese! Ah, you are a dancer, that explains your grace and posing expertise! Loving your hair in this pic :)


Jill said...

Haha, tea lover here too, but I do not like waking up early! I really like this look, it looks very warm and comfy.

makemoremistakes said...

AGH! You're way too cute. I love you. And I'm jealous that you danced for 18 years...I gave up dancing my junior year of high school and I really regret it. I miss it so so much.

I hope you're well lovely!


ashleigh said...

this photo is something out of a magazine or something it's stunning!

i love the grandmaness! i am such a grandma too.

seriously, we could have tea drinking parties and be in bed before 9.

WendyB said...

I remember my big turquoise slouchy socks from the '80s that I wore with a matching sweater!

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

Great outfit!! Love it!

I just came across your blog and love it!!

Madeleine said...

Hi Lisa darling.

Since I loved this look so much I will leave you one more comment here;)

How am I to thank you enough for your amaaazingly lovely comments? I dont know how, but it means a loooot to me!

Sleeping 10 hours.. Haha I dont think I have any secret, it comes naturally to me. I wish I had time to do so more often though. But I'm sure getting over with your exams will certainly help;)

I am so sad to hear the AA tights are on back order, as I wanted to have them sent to Italy to avoid all the taxes&duties that comes with shipping to Norway. Then I could pick them up when I go there. Hope they make it in time then(!!) They are so fabulous!

I will take on your advice to search at the mens department. I already do sometimes, but I'd like a really worn out look for the bf jeans. A vintage levi's would be perfect, but who knows, maybe I'll find the pre fabricated worn out ones there to be as good.

I wish you a lovely day tomorrow too:)


Jenny Cindy said...

Love this. Those boots are awesome and you added just the right touch with these socks - 80s but not in a cheesy or tacky way.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Hey you,
I loved your six quirks :)... I'm as much of a granny as you,I find it to be perfectly normal :)...hehe I also danced ballet for 10 years but had to stop because of school ... and I still regret it :(

You look absolutely stunning ... amazing :)

P.S. Thanks pretty awesome that you're coming back in December ...which part of Canada are you from ?

masha said...

i'm a granny also :))) sometimes i think i'm the oldest person around
especially with my forever young parents :)
i wish i was a dancer :)

Andy said...

I ADOREE this photo.
Girl, you look so great!
Amazing outfit by the way :)
Sorry, i wasn't here for like one week but i'm back with a new post. check it out !

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