I've been waiting for you.

shirt. mens. jeans. UO. shoes. zoom. bag. miu miu.
miu miu madness.

I promise you I thought this bag was either sailing the high seas. shipwrecked on a deserted island or eaten by sharks. Pick one of the 3. I had ordered it EONS ago, and to be honest almost forgot about it. There were major postal issues, and after five months of waiting... it arrived. In one glorious piece.
I was off to write a final JUST before it arrived. So this is me - pre-exam. I therefore fumbled to get organized, quickly stashed my pens and exam necessities in the plethora of zippers adorning its 3 major entrances and took off with my new friend. I think it will be a good relationship.

It's truly like butter.The softness and color.I am in love.
Although my dream fund for my "affair-purse" is hot on its heels...
I may have a slight bag addiction...


Emily said...

this bag is so flawless that it hurts. i seriously need it. i've never successfully saved up for a really great purse, but since we live halfway across the world from each other, i might just have to completely copy you. it really is perfect!

Dana (MODAna) said...

you need to SUE!
but I see it was worth it.
I know what you mean about the buttery softness...mmm... I have a few bags like that.

Susanna-Cole said...

Ok I think I've finally figured out that you and off-outfit days just don't happen...EVER! It's a good thing you have a blog recording all the looks you put together, because if you didn't, you'd totally be depriving the world of extreme fashion goodness!

I love the chic simplicity, t-shirt and form fitting jeans look, just like what a model (oops, banned word # 1) would wear for Polaroids. It’s easy to throw on everything in one’s closet, but sometimes it is so much more inspiring (yeah, forbidden word # 2… once you told me NOT to use them, they just got THAT much more tempting :P haha)

Oh and the bag is lush, love the color against the black especially! :)

Did your exam go well? I hope so! :)

And never ending kindness? Using one of my friends favorite words (in which I'm not really sure it IS a word): Psh! I could say the same about you! :)

Really thank God for the blogging world, or else I never may have met you, and even though then I wouldn't have known what I was missing... I would have been missing out on a LOT, because you are one of the loveliest, most inspiring (I know, I know... not supposed to say "inspiring" am? Will try to find an equal alternate in the thesaurus! :P) most generous, most thoughtful, most compasionate people I have met! Really mean that :)

Anyway, must go, but I hope all your exams have been going well! :)


meowmeow. said...

seriously i love the all black look soooooo effin much! love the bag too xx

ps linked you!

Jenny H. said...

ahhhh it is SO gorgeous.
and so are you.

gahhh you look so chic. i loveee it!

Paula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the.ramonas said...

hello gorgeous! looking amazing as always! we die for that miu miu! ohh... and the black... so ny rockstar! love it!


Eelie said...

You know what! I'm gonna pick shipwrecked on a deserted island BECAUSE of a shark attack when sailing through the high seas. Haha :P

5 months is FAR too long. I think i would fire an angry email complaining for sure! Or cancel the purchase but maybe not the latter since that bag does look fabulous.

NP about the words and you're so welcome. I just felt it needed to be said and everything came from my heart :)

As for the outfit it looks fabulous. You can never go wrong with monochrome :P

The Stylish Wanderer said...

oh god. its serisouly so lovely I want to just die. cause, ill never have it. but at least someone awesome like you will, and do. but why did it take so long?

Mila said...

Wow Lisa!
You always look so amazing~!!!


Mila said...

Wow, love it! <33

I always love your finds.....


belle.chantelle said...

your new miu miu bag is delish!
i can't believe you waited that long!
wait..maybe that's what's happening with my histology textbook...

ashleigh said...





i don't even know where to begin.

how could you of not been worried

how could you of never mentioned this before

how on earth do you look soo amazing simply in black


i believe another surprise is headed YOUR way only hopefully it won't take 5 months as it's by air :)

wowowowow girl you look amazing in this outfit!

the Oracle of Style said...

Gorgeous outfit! You have so LONG legs^^

The Clothes Horse said...

That bag is stunning. Detail shots will have to come in the future--if your lover isn't too shy. I'm glad it finally got to you, I would probably have forgotten it in that amount of time...
P.S. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. You always do seem to have a fascinating assortment of people around you.

Mireia* said...

Oh Lisa, I love this bag! I'm thinking seriously in buying a symilar one. Once my baby is born it will be more comfortable for me to carry bags with long straps, you know?
Thank you for your sweets comments but yes, I'm pregnant and my belly is growing more and more everyday. I will have by baby in 3 months and a half! The belly is still very cute because it is not width (for the moment) and you can only notice it when you see me from the side, then itis really really big!!!
Well, it's a little bit difficult to explain this in english, hope you will understand me!


Ashleigh said...

where did you find that miu miu beauty?!

♥ fashion chalet said...

miu miu goddesssssss :)

lovelovelove you in this head-to-toe black ensemble, dear.


xo/ fashion chaletm

morena said...

Great outfit!

Tinsley said...

i love this bag - the leather, the colour, the structure
im thinking of getting one like this in black but i have no idea what the name of the bag is (apart from the fact that it is miu miu)

and of course, ill trade links - i love your blog too!

Couture Carrie said...

That bag is fanTAStic- congrats!


freya said...

beautiful bag!

in my opinion it was worth waiting for it, even that long ;)

STEFANIE said...

aww what a great bag!! I think I saw it in blue once? 5 months is a long wait but I guess miu miu is worth that, no ^-^?

Jagucha said...

great! so simple, less is moret absolutely!!!!!!!!

Alie said...

You look amazing, that black look is so effective but yet simple- and the perfect accessory, too! I want that bag..

P.S: I've been wanting to talk to you about something Dirrty Glam related, will e-mail you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

love it. all black is my favorite look. maybe because it's easy

ryder said...

miu miu?
you look like you are in paris waiting for a show to start :)
is there any day when you are not super stylish??? i dont think so...

KATLIN said...

You've got the less is more look down pat girl!

Mel said...

omg darl, i love it! when i looked at it i thought it was the bag i have as well. i have the prada one considering they made the miu miu debuts too. the one that i have looks pretty much the same except in a creamy white lambskin. i love the colour of your miu mius. you look soo good! if only i looked this good pre-exam haha. love everything here!


Jillian said...

that bag is amazing
and you must have some MAJOR patience waiting THAT long for your bag... but it is absolutely gorgeous so it clearly was worth it!

oh darling you look amazing! as always!

I need to take pointers from you!
wonderful! and chic!

xoxo hope you enjoy your weekend!

Franki Skye said...

I love this look! Rocker chic :)


Stompface said...

That bag is INCREDIBLE! I cannot believe you almost forgot it! It looks absolutely perfect on you Lisa! What a great colour too, that will go with everything!

Thanks for your lovely comment too, you are a very very sweet lady.
I told my boyfriend about your kind words, and he was like oh thats's nice what is she like, and i was just like well, she's just really really sweet!

Jenny H. said...

yeahh shes so cute!
it was fun to interview her.

you have a gooddd weekend yourself!
im sick but im hoping that i will get well soon so that i can partyy this weekend :) hehehe.

chuckles said...

You look so pretty. I love the bag.

Eelie said...

Ah, psh stop flattering. Its too much! I think all these compliments are getting to my head and you're all giving me this false sense of security haha. Nevertheless i think you have a very beautiful soul, one that is very kind and thoughtful.

Thankyou :)

sierra said...

that bag is amazing..
i would wait for forever if it meant i was going to hold it!

by the way when i first saw your pictue i thoughtit was one of those street pictures from face hunter or smth.

you are cool.

Lisa said...

***THANKS FOR ALL THE COMMENTS LOVELIES. I never know how to thank you for all the sweetness. Please know that I never take it for granted and i try to respond to all comments. I feel so extremely blessed...thank you***

AH yes. the joys of shipping to Africa. It was miscommunication...coupled with customs. so it was a hassle and I seriously thought it was lost at sea. I've had things get lost before... BUT it arrived and i am in total love. ;)***

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you, love. Aw. Actually they run a tad big, I should have ordered them in a size smaller, which is why I roll the waist. Bu t they are definitely comfortable (the shorts) thanks for the comments on my hair! ;)


xo/ fashion chalet

Maria said...

Flawless as always Lisa! I'd like a butter bag as well ;)
Really, I think you are the biggest sweetheart and I mean it! You must be the nicest person I've met online. Hehe. You always give the most meaningful and nicest comments which I really really appreciate. Whenever I see your name I know that there will be a comment that'll make me smile :D You're wonderful in all ways <3
It'd be great to meet each other! My sisters husband is actually from S Africa, near cape town, so maybe someday in the future, hehe, I'll come spend my vacation down there. Then we'd have to meet hihi :)


♥ Marta ♥ said...

Five month? Holy... wow
IT does look stunning and worth the wait :)

Grace said...

Great bag. Absoluutely love it. Am still hesitant on ordering things online after a few bad experiences. I have things that I ordered and paid foor in 2006 that I never got and there was no way I could reverse the transactions afetr more than three months of waiting for the products to arrive.

Allure said...

5 months?!! I bet it worths it, but wow that's a long time.

Nothing Elegant said...

Congrats on finally getting the bag -- it is so lovely, and will go with EVERYTHING!

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