all alone.

break time.
So amidst all the books. notes. studying I ventured out this Saturday night...alone.
The BF was on call so I figured why stay home... I was already in my aa dress + T, so I zipped up my booties, slipped on my vest and high-tailed it to one of my favourite spots. I sat. daydreamed. read a book (non-school related) and chowed down on some sushi. It was a local joint and they know me + my regular order, therefore I was saved from looking like a crazy woman having a mini-date with herself. Sometimes its just what the soul needs.
I desperately need to shop. I have been so busy + online shopping (anyone else out there share the same addiction ? My rationalization: we don't have any of my favourite stores here, so its okay. It's what I WOULD buy if I was living in North America). I do have some fun vacations coming up in Dec/Jan/Feb so it is good for savings/dream fund...hmmmmmm savings.


On Track said...

Good on you for taking yourself out while the boyfriend is away, it is liberating sometimes to just go and do things for yourself :) You look great in that outfit, it is very rock'n'roll. I also definitely share your need for shopping, especially online since we don't get all of the American brands here in Aus :D

Grace said...

Love your blog my dear.
Love all your daring outfits, up here in Joburg it's not very easy to be so daring like the fellow overseas bloggers without people staring at you..
Am so adding you to my blog list..

Mel said...

aww thanks so much for the comments sweetie. I'm glad you enjoyed the read :)

you look beautiful, AS ALWAYS! i love this outfit! good on you for having some alone time (that's always good!), it'll make your boy miss you lots hehe

I'm a fellow online shopper fanatic, i love it and i'm so addicted! i don't have a lot of the brands here in aus so i get them shipped esp net-a-porter. it's love haha

xxx hope you study hard!

ryder said...

omg what legs!!!!!!!

im speachless...


ryder said...

p.s. what are your favourite stores?

u just saw 2 other posts about ebay and etsy... i am more london stores on line addict. but had a bad experience with my wonderbra shoping (london store-wasn't a officail wonderbra store, but it was high class something, but...soooooooooo bad).

Mimi said...

Such a cool rock 'n' roll outfit. The shirt is awesome and such a great vintage piece.I like th vest,booties and clutch also a lot.

stilettostetico said...

Or a "casual/Glamazon-esque style" !!! And your legs really are synonym of " SEXYness-issime sculptural slenderness" !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

Fashionistadiary said...

you look adorable in that pic!! dont you just love aa skirts and dresses! theyre so versatile!! you have fabulous legs! really hope your exams went well!! xo

Emily said...

i actually love having dates with myself! sometimes if there's a movie that none of my friends/boyfriend want to see, i'll totally go solo and enjoy every minute of it! at least you looked great :)

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh please, I don't think it'd be possible for you to look like "crazy woman having a mini-date with herself" when you're dressed as amazing as that! Love the whole hip t-shirt, vest, and skirt, and ankle boots combination, just perfect!

And oh well I've only recently gotten a credit/debit card, so until then it's not like I could of bought anything online even if I wanted too. However, I'm a little hesitant to shop online... I have a feeling it'd become addicting!

And aw, well your sweet comments and words always render me speechless too, I guess it's a wonder we managae to ever find words to say anything to each other! But I'm sure glad we do, cause I love talking to you!

I also wish there was something to said that was more adquete (sp) than "Thank You" too, but I guess for now, it's all we got sometimes! :)

Hope you're having a lovely Monday, even though Mondays seem to be the least liked day of the week! :P

Take care! :)


oL said...

Nice blog!!! and great outfit!!! :)

STEFANIE said...

I'm totally addicted to internet shopping too. Well I don't actually SHOP, I'm just looking... I'm saving up a bit ^-^

Couture Carrie said...

You look fantastic, Leese! Love the miniskirt and bootie combo :)


J'Adore Fashion said...

love the grey and boots--looks so adorable :)

meowmeow. said...

lovely! i love the casual ease of this outfit...the shoes are killer :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

In a way, I think blogging is kind of like the song "Lean on Me", we all depend on each other's updates and comments! That is what makes it all the more fun. Thanks for always taking the time to update and to comment mine, as well! ♥

Grey is your color, awesome skirt and ankle booties!! LOOOOOVE your shirt, That Clash is my favorite.. London Calling :)

xo/ fashion chalet

Nature Grafitti said...

Sometimes, a single chica date is just what you need :)
(i had one at a cafe here in Boston yesterday. I sat and did work, drank coffee and people watched for an hour of two... so lovely)

where in the N. American are you traveling?

saray said...

great outfit!
would you like to trade links?

Mireia* said...

Lisa, your legs are to die for! Do you train or something? I will kill for these!
I love your outfit, once again, when not? Seriously, you are on my top 3 of stylish bloggers!!
I live in Barcelona, you have to come here with your bf! I can make you a list of places you both must go!


Sophia said...

those boots are amazing!
and i tagged you =]

Jillian said...

holy crap u have THE BEST legs i've ever seen woman!!!

the whole look is total hotness! those boots and the vest and the graphic-t... it's very rocker chick but yet very ladylike? how the heck do u do it?

i'm totally inspired <3

hope u have an amazing evening my dearest! or wait morning... since it's already night where you are!


makemoremistakes said...

I sometimes go out with myself, it's nice. I did it a lot when I was in NY, because I didn't really know anyone there...and I love your outfit. How are you doll?


geri said...

sooooooooooooo cute!!!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

YOU look sensational .... WOW. You should model, totally the right material :)

As for shopping on line, OMG I do it all the time ...definately order something couple times a month ... It is my source of dressing.... LOVE IT. It's so relaxing and easy, I prefer it over shopping in the mall... Hehe:)

Laurel said...

BB Lis! You're one hothothot face and I love you long time.

I DID get your emails, I'm sorry I didn't let you know sooner. School is maddening, but when I get an ounce of downtime, I promise you a response. I hope school is going okay, I'm in the midst of this ridiculous paper and keep getting distracted by the most ridiculous things. I have the attention span of a 3 year old.

Uhm, ps - meant to be much? I have that vest too!! We're basically amazing. Maybe I'll wear it tomorrow? ;)

Eelie said...

Oh Lisa shhhhhh with your compliments. They make me feel embarrased and shy lol. I'm glad you did a solo flight that night! Its always very liberating to just go to a frequent haunt and just chillax especially in all the chaos of exam prep!

Nice transition from day wear to night wear also!


love the boots,
you have a great style, love your blog!

Lisa said...

***THANKS BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL loves for all your words !!! It means the world to me *** Exams are crushing me so I am terribly sorry i can't reply to all comments.

shout out to all my fellow online shoppers ! It makes me feel better about my obsession.

grace: you live in jo'burg??!! Thanks for the add love!

ryder: <3 e-mailed you!

nature graffiti: thanks beautiful :) I go home every Christmas ( Canada ). So I will go to m hometown (edmonton), then visit friends in Vancouver/Whistler & then head to New York (!!!)

mireia*: LOVE U! i responded on your blog :) oh gosh. my legs. I get them from my dad. I was a dancer, but if you see pictures of when i was little- they were exactly the same. I also got called men legs growing up!

jillian: ah you're the sweetest. thanks my girl.

marta: AHHH no. no model here. YOU'RE far too kind girl!!!ahhhhh online shoppers anon. ;)

Laurel: love!!! e-mailing you...

Sunniva said...

Sweetie, you look WONDERFUL!! You are such a stunner and your outfits are always the best! And I know I've said it before, but you have such amazing legs! And I agree a 100 % with you: sometimes you just really need to go on a date with none other than yourself :)


Anthea said...

Independence is good! Love the booties :)

S said...

I need to stop the constant shopping too, I know what you mean :)
You look fabulous! I love the tshirt and your legs look a billion miles long!

Bella said...

The ankle boots are glorious, as well are the images in the posting below! Love your blog...

Knight Cat said...

i need one of those nights! but man, you look like a stunner! if i saw you somewhere i would just stare at you and you would probably think i was a creep! ahah

you have such a beautiful physique, look at those legs! ayyyy i need to workout ahah


Maria said...

Hi gorgeous!

Sorry, I've been so busy the last days so I haven't got the chance to answer you!

About your mom and grandmother - I'm sorry to hear that. Truly. I can't imagine how it feels like.. Oh Lisa.
Thanks for sharing though, that is brave of you! I don't know what to say really.. But I'm happy I get to support such an important cause :)

you're the best
love you xxx

No soy tu estilo said...

i love your blog!you are lovely!

freya said...

a bit rock n' roll, a bit casual... i like it ;)

the tee is great.

Fashion Fille said...

that sounds so fun! you look awesome, so i bet lots of people were jealous that you were on a date with yourself. :)

The Clothes Horse said...

You look great. Sushi and a novel sounds like an ideal evening right now.
I'm not doing online shopping right now, but I'm still not certain what savings are nor what good they are for...

Wendy said...

I love what you are wearing Lisa!

Jenny H. said...

ah thank you!
you are looking stunning yourself.

i love your clash band t-shirt. i lovee the clash!
last summer i lived in the couple of clash band t-shirts that i have... might just have to find them now i have seen you rocking yours!

Raych said...

If you come to the States, we should get a ton of bloggers to meet up!

I seriously just sit and "study" while glancing over Topshop and Yoox. All day. But for me, I just need to save money. I usually spend every penny I get and live paycheck by paycheck.

You look fantastic though, and the way you mixmatch your clothes looks great! It never looks the same and that takes a true fashionista (;

love ya doll

rachel said...

i have that same vest from zara! :) it's in one of my posts too, somewhere..

and btw, can i just say, your legs are amazing.


♥ R

the healthy ghost said...

I like your t-shirt

Ashleigh said...

oh you look great! i love the clash tshirt :) i see we share a mutual love for vintage band tees!

wish i could've tagged along it sounds like such a relaxing way to spend a saturday night.

and i am completely addicted to internet shopping. living in australia is great but we have a lot of really expensive designer shops or absolute junk, none of this topshop or uo which i wishh for!

and even american apparel (overpriced here) is a 40 minute drive away.

buttt looking gorgeous as always!

Stompface said...

Those booties look cuties!
Yes I am some kind of amazing poet.

You look very very cool here. Love the grey dress layered with the great band tee.

Anonymous said...

simple and style!!

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