blazer. mossimo. pants. vintage. shirt. UO. shoes. JS. sunglasses. persol.

risky business.

Well finals have started. Sorry for being MIA. Living in the Southern Hemisphere means my year runs from February - November...therefore its nearing the end of the year. 5 long weeks of finals ahead of me. I wrote two this week and have heaps more to go. So before the real business starts, I went out with a few girlfriends tonight to watch the sunset...nothing beats the African sun. I promise you. magic.

I was definitely feeling a tad adventurous with this shirt on. Low, it is, but coupled with my blazer to cover any slips proved to be a perfect match.
Oh I also re-discovered this lipstick from my cruise ship days (I danced on one!) and since we got 30% off MAC and I had heaps of recyclables, free lipstick it was. It's a Glaze- called Hue. Hard to see in the picture, but its super natural and gives your lips a radiating glow. I don't wear much make-up, but this is now a must.
Tagged- yes. by the lovely lula of Hello Sailor ! ( ps- i'm obsessed with your name, lula). So here's a few tid-bits :
1. Clothes shop: very random + widespread. and will really look/buy anywhere. h&m. men's departments. aa. topshop. vintage. ebay. amazon
2. Furniture shop: @home. Scandinavian living. CB2.
3. Sweet: strawberries.organic chocolate.
4. City: New York. Paris. Vancouver. Cape Town. Auckland. Sydney. Kiev.
5. Drink: mint green tea. water. rooibos.
6. Music: stars. the strokes. tegan and sara. the bloc party. 80's. MGMT. bryan adams. broadway. SO much more.
7. Tv-Series: Not watching any at the moment. Sex and the city. Seinfeld.
8. Film: dirty dancing. breakfast at Tiffany's.
9. Workout: I danced for 18 years. So being active runs in my blood. I love everything. walking (like a new yorker-fast). pilates. bikram. spinning. running. hiking. dancing to good music. shopping (!)
10. Pastries: vegan cupcakes.
11. Coffee: after the BF bought a swiss espresso machine 2 months ago. I love it. But prefer green tea.

I TAG : amazing ashleigh from iamashleigh --- stunning susanna-cole from Girlmeetsnyc --- gorgeous geri from becauseimaddicted


Knight Cat said...

ayyy darling you look so classy, classy. i like your shades too...and i love the stars, they are amazing, i am in love with that song window bird...and certainly! i would adore a cup of coffee ;)


Zoë said...

classy chic!
i love it!


again, I luv how u get all the propotions just right... it ain't easy... simply effortless for u!
Have a good finals dear!

~Blessings* as usual.

Caroline said...

the pleating detail on those pants is increeeeedible!

Eelie said...

I'm going through finals also so can absolutely relate to your fustration! : eeek

As the title says it was a tad risky but that blazer you mention provides a very good cover up! I've just realised you're from cape town? I have a friend that emigrated from there and my ex boyfriend was actually from Pretoria *spelling*. What a tiny world :)

Mel said...

hey sweetie, you look beautiful! so classy and sophisticated!! ps: I'm starting finals too eeek :( so not looking forward to it. good luck with yours love xxx

The Stylish Wanderer said...

you look great. I like the blazer.

ashleigh said...

hoorah i'm tagged.

and you danced on a ship! wow that sounds awesome. my friend is thinking of singing on one. too bad i get badly seasick. well i think i do. i did as a kid. ON TO YOUR OUTFIT MISSY. so fabulous. i love love that its business and then wham party top :) great style my dear.

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Usually I would write off a black suit as kind of boring, but when you pair it with THAT shirt which I think I need to go track down ASAP, the whole look is KILLER!

And "Risky Business"... perfect title/caption for this look!

And aw, finals. Hate them! haha. But hope you ace all your finals, my dear! :)

And yes, me speechless because of you happens ALL THE TIME! Trust me! ;)

Aw, well thanks! I'm really considering that blunt bang now... :)

And oh my gosh, I hate when people come up to be and beg, or even if they're just on the streets. Homeless people are all over NYC. The sad thing is some of them are homeless by choice and/or will only use any money you give them for drugs/alcohol. I think the best way to give, is to donate to homeless shelters and such, that way I know my money is helping them, but in the right ways.

Oh and to answer your question, well I lived in Manhattan/NYC most this summer, going to the School of Visual Arts, but I am home with my family at the moment, I hope to make an official move to NYC soon! :)

Anyway, thanks so much for your comment! I love getting your comments, like mini-holidays in my day or something! Seriously they always make me light up with a big smile, and I appreciate them so much! :)


P.S. Oh and thanks for the tag, will try to put that in my next entry! :)

P. said...

These photos belong in a magazine editorial.

Wendy said...

You look so sophisticated Lisa!

The Clothes Horse said...

Very intriguing outfit. I like the balance.

Ashleigh said...

woman how do you do it?! I would have normally passed those pants by in the thrift store trouser section...and YOU manage to pull it off so gracefully...Love it ;)...this is def a Leese Look!

geri said...

ahhh tagged!! love this look which very few could pull off!

belle.chantelle said...

AWESOME LOOK! I'm adding you to my links!

She's Dressing Up said...

I love this, beautiful blouse! And the blazer looks fantastic over it

♥ fashion chalet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
♥ fashion chalet said...

Love that movie. Love the suit. You work it out amazingly, Lisa!! xx

Thanks for your ultra awesome comments and compliments regarding my collage! Love ya....

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

xo/ fashion chalet

yiqin; said...

Your shades are amazing! :) I love your style. You always put together amazing outfits!

Jillian said...

hun thank u for all the wonderful comments you've been leaving! you're always making my day! xoxo

This outfit is great. It's so posh and very chic! I love the shades and I can't believe you're coming into summer! So exciting! I love when seasons change and I am def ready for fall, but winter... not so much!

hope ur having a wonderful weekend darling!

Val said...

Those trousers fit you perfectly. So le smoking. I love it.

Nature Grafitti said...

so amazing, i woud kill for your wardrobe!
i have those persols and i adore them... aren't they just impossibly chic and timeless??

Lisa said...

*knight cat*: ahhh you're amazing ! love ya.

*zoe*: thanks love

*lenorenevermore*: you're ever SO sweet. thank you!!!

*caroline*: the pleat is pretty hectic!

*eelie*: thanks beautiful girl! AH these South Africans :) Everyone wants to go to Auusie + New Zealand. We are also thinking about it ? maybe in 5 years ?...

*mel*: thanks mel! Oh dear- goodluck. its never fun.

*the stylish wanderer*: thank you! it was a cheap find.

*ashleigh*: ah love- you make me smile everytime! Its almost like business in the front...party in the back :) he he.

*s-c*: speechless. yes. seriously. this time i am !!! THANK YOU! Your words are taken straight to my heart.

*P*: You're EVER so sweet. that means so MUCH.

*the clothes horse*: thanks love! I hope Greece is AMAZING.

*ashleigh*: oh my love. that was seriously so sweet... it put a huge smile on my face.

*geri*: tagged!!! thanks girl!

*belle.chantelle*: thanks lady love. linking you too ...

*she's dressing up*: thank you. I got this shirt for next to nothing!

*fashion chalet *: You're one classy lady! Definitely audrey style. thanks love.

*yiqin*: thank youuuuu. i'm obsessed with these babies!

*jillian*: You're such a sweetie. Seriously. Thank you for everything! Summer is fast approaching... but i head home for 2 months ( Canada ) in dec/jan so I get my dose of COLDNESS!!!

*val*: ha ha your too sweet! They are quite grandma-ish.

*nature graffiti*: I <3 Persol's!

Mireia* said...

Yes, I know we would be good friends. You know, I have good vibrations only with a few people who I have never meet and you're one of them!
You look so classy with this outfit!


rachel said...

ohmygoh i luvv it! the way you mixed the pucci-esque top with the suit is nothing short of stunning. I luv me some menswear with a pop of print! ;)

♥ R

Nay'Chelle said...

Very classy. I really like the shirt.

Stompface said...

I've said this before! But your amazing taste in music still makes me happy!

I think its cool how active you are! I wish I was more active..

And there you are, again, looking like a supermodel!
Love everything about this outfit! As usual!

ryder said...

young woman and tons of make up? nop! im not using lots of make up as well... in i do have some most have items :) as well...
so very gooooood!

blazer, im just wearing my silver one!!!

Nothing Elegant said...

You look so 70's-rockstar-glamorous here! Love it!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Phenomenal look - it is as simple as that :)
Darling, we have a lot in common besides being Ukraine/Canadian
1. Mint green tea is my absolutely favorite, i also love peach green time .
2. love all of your music choices
Love Sex and the city ( well that's no brainer)
4. Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman are my all time favorite. They were also playing Dirty Dancing Musical, it was perfection, just like the movie.
5. I danced ballet for 12 years.
6. I make myself double short espresso every morning.

HAHA ....Freaky :P

Dana (MODAna) said...

this is giving a leelee sobiesky vibe, if you know what I mean.
You're very beautiful. I used to dance too :)

RAQUEL said...

cool cool cool girl!love your shirt

Kingshuk said...

WoW!! you look so cool in this lovely dress..Luv it..xoxox

Karen said...

Oh my were so much alike!
Seriously your the first person that i read and go like oh i like this too ,and this, ohh sooo me!!
<3in' your bloG

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